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In the modern times we hardly have time to devote much for our household activities, especially if the woman of the house is also a working lady. With all these busy lifestyle that the individuals of the modern times have adapted to, it becomes all the more difficult to pay attention to the little details, especially of our little ones. Before we come to know, the children develop many problems, and they become somewhat abnormal in their action and behavior. That is why, it is extremely important for the couples or the parents of children to find time out of their busy schedule, and devote it for the welfare of their children. However, the modern havoc of being too much occupied with our work has made it simply not possible to look after all the household issues with the minutest of attention, as a result of which before long, we find that there has become mountains out of molehills, and then the best possible solution that remains in front of us is to opt for a divorce or a separation from the erring partner. We these days hardly have time to consider and give a little time to solve issues amicably, and because of the fact that in the modern times, most of the nations have a comparatively lenient attitude in the granting of divorces between the couples, individuals do not step back and think once before filing the same. Moreover, these days there is also the option to get remarried again and again which has also made it seem easier for the partners to file for a divorce in the courts. All these have led to a rise in the incidence of divorces among the nations of the world. Another cause for the rise in the cases of divorce can be attributed to the independent nature of women that is seen to be embraced these days, which has done more harm than good. This is due to the fact that with the financial capability and independence of the women, these days they believe and feel that they do not need the assistance of a man to look after their daily needs of life as well as of their children. They know that they are well in a position to look after all their needs, and hence they do not shy away from filing for a divorce from their better halves. The more developed nations of the world with better working opportunities for women have more divorce numbers than the others, and the United States of America seems to lead the race in this. South Carolina, a state in the United States of America is also seen to fall into this trap as proved by the South Carolina Divorce Statistics. A couple opting for a divorce do not realize the fact that this decision of theirs to end their union in a divorce or a separation would bring more harm to the children than them. In a lot of cases of separation, it has been proved that children have a hard time coping up with all the pain and suffering and they grow up with a lot of trauma, with a few of them retaining it for the rest of their lives.

Divorce Rate per 1,000 population

Year South Carolina
2007 3.0
2006 3.0
2005 2.9
2004 3.2
2003 3.3
2002 3.4
2001 3.6
2000 3.8
1999 3.8
1995 3.9
1990 4.5

South Carolina Divorce Statistics

Year Number of divorces + annulments Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
1988 14,662 4.2
1987 13,835 4.0
1978 11,901 3.9

Number of children Percentage of Number of divorces + annulments in 1988
None 46.4
1 28.0
2 19.1
3 6.2
4 1.0
5 or more 0.2

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