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With more and more pressures catching up with the modern men, he hardly has time to devote for the household affairs and chores, especially when it comes to taking care of the needs of one's better half or the children. With this trend, even smaller issues become much bigger than anticipated and the only way they can be solved is to go to the court room to solve them, that is to say, to opt for a break up, or a divorce or a separation between the partners. The worst victims of a break-up are the children who have to bear through the brunt of the separation between their parents for no fault of theirs. Some of these children from the broken families retain the pain and suffering for the rest of their lives with the result that they grow up with a lot of abnormalities and have problems in mingling with people, especially with those of the opposite gender. However, even if the consequences of a separation are harsh, the erring partners nevertheless do not hesitate or think twice before calling it quits and putting an end to their marriage. The women these days have been seen to adopt a so called modern attitude and with that they believe that they are well in a state to take care of all their daily needs of life, and hence they do not need the presence of the husband in their lives to take care of all those needs. Besides, these women of the modern times feel that they are also in a state to take care of their children and want the custody of them. There is also the option of going for a second marriage in the modern times, and hence none of the partners are scared to call it quits. These days, people feel that if something is not working out well with one partner, there is always the option of remarriage for them. All these factors have contributed to a rise in the rate of divorce cases among the couples, especially in the more developed nations of the world. This is due to the fact that in the developed nations, people are more occupied with work, which leaves them no time to spend with their families, and it is precisely in these countries where women are seen to be encouraged to adopt an independent attitude which has done more harm than good. The United States of America, as we all know is the most developed nation in the world, but along with it, has come a lot of vices that has afflicted the nation and the evil of the increasing rate of divorce cases is one of them, which has not spared any state of the country. The state of South Dakota in exact accordance with this rule has been recording a high number of divorces as has been aptly seen by the South Dakota Divorce Statistics.

Divorce Rate per 1,000 population

Year South Dakota
2007 3.1
2006 3.2
2005 2.8
2004 3.1
2003 3.0
2002 3.3
2001 3.3
2000 3.5
1999 3.7
1995 3.9
1990 3.7

South Dakota Divorce Statistics

Year Number of divorces + annulments Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
1988 2,649 3.7
1987 2,696 3.8
1978 2,449 3.6

Number of children Percentage of Number of divorces + annulments in 1988
None 40.4
1 24.8
2 22.9
3 8.9
4 2.2
5 or more 0.8

The above divorce statistics for the state of South Dakota is not very grave. However, appropriate measures should be taken to make sure that people take the union of marriage seriously. It has also been noted that there are greater chances of getting divorced in a marriage with no children or less children.

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