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People enter into the institution of a marriage, making a lot of promises to each other to remain together through adversities and hardships, and never leave each other's hands through trials and tribulations of a married life. All said and done, however, once the actual problems and sufferings of a wedded life come to the fore, all their promises made prove false and the only solution that seems possible then is to go for a break up, or a divorce or a separation between the couple. However, while taking this decision, what not many partners consider is the potential damage, especially in the psychological terms that it might bring upon on all the individuals concerned, especially the innocent children who have to bear the brunt for no fault of theirs. However, the trend of going for a divorce and parting ways has become so common, especially in the modern times, that these days the couples do not bother and think even once before filing for a divorce case. A few of the reasons cited for this are first of all the huge lack of time that we human beings experience in the modern days, especially quality time to devote for our loved ones and more so the children who constantly need it for their overall healthy, mental as well as spiritual development. In the absence of this, the relationship between the children and their parents as well as between couples has become more of a mechanical ritual than anything else. The second most obvious reason can be attributed to the development of a modern mind set in the women of today, who are living with the notion that they do not need the help of the men folk for carrying on with their daily activities of life, and moreover, they are in a state to look after their own needs. Even though it might appear to be a truth, in reality we cannot but agree that every individual and every species in this world has been sent with a unique job which can be performed best by none but the one concerned. However, the result of this has been that there has been a tremendous rise in the rate of divorces all across the globe, and more so in the developed nations. The United States of America has one of the greatest percentages of divorce cases taking place every day, and the state of Utah in the western part of the country is no exception to this growing rate of divorces, as proved by the Utah Divorce Statistics.

Highlights of Utah Divorce Statistics

  • Before the married couple completes 1 year of marriage, 18 percent of the divorces are recorded,
  • In case of first marriages, the average age at divorce for men is 31 years and for women is 29 years,
  • In the year 2000, 10,600 children were involved in divorces in this state of Utah and
  • In this state, within the first 5 years of marriage, 50 percent of the divorces take place, while within the first 10 years of marriage, 70 percent of the divorces take place

Year-wise Divorce Rate of Utah

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2005 3.9
2004 4.0
2003 3.9
2002 4.0
2001 4.2
2000 4.3
1999 4.3
1998 4.1
1997 4.3
1996 4.3
1995 4.4
1994 4.6
1993 4.7
1992 5.1
1991 4.9
1990 5.2
1989 4.8
1988 4.8
1987 5.4
1986 5.2
1985 5.4
1984 5.1
1983 5.4
1982 5.4
1981 5.5
1980 5.4
1979 5.4
1978 5.3
1977 5.3
1976 4.9
1975 5.0
1974 4.7
1973 4.4
1972 4.3
1971 4.0
1970 3.7
1965 2.9
1960 2.4
1950 3.0
1940 2.7

From this table, it is evident that there has been a certain fall in the percentage of divorce cases taking place in the state in the different years.

Region-wise Utah Divorce Statistics of 2005

Region in Utah State Divorce Rate per 1,000 population in 2005
Weber 4.7
Morgan 1.5
Wasatch 3.3
Utah County 3.2
Uintah 5.5
Duchesne 4.7
Daggett 5.2
Tooele 5.1
Summit 3.6
Washington 4.5
Kane 3.2
Iron 3.6
Garfield 3.0
Beaver 4.9
San Juan 1.9
Grand 4.9
Emery 5.2
Carbon 6.2
Salt Lake 4.2
Davis 3.6
Wayne 3.6
Sevier 5.6
Sanpete 3.3
Piute 3.7
Millard 2.4
Juab 2.5
Rich 1.9
Cache 2.4
Box Elder 3.9

This is evident as seen in the above table that while a few of the regions in the state of Utah have recorded a higher percentage of divorce cases, others have seen a lower percentage comparatively. However, there needs to be taken measures to make sure that the overall percentage of divorce cases taking place across the state of Utah decreases with time, and towards this the clergy as well as the church can assume a greater role.

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