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We human beings get into the institution of a marriage so that we have a companion to spend the rest of our lives, to share all our joys as well as sorrows with that soul mate of ours. We exchange wedding vows, making all promises to stick together through thick and thin, no matter what. But as luck would have it, no sooner does a storm strikes our marriage, do we feel the need to call it quits and part ways from one another, breaking all promises forever. Not many can withstand the passing turbulences that strikes marriages, especially in the modern time where there are too many distractions to make us renew our promises to remain in the same bond for ages together. And before long, we see couples dropping the curtains on their wedded lives, and breaking up from each other, paying least heed to what damage it might entail for oneself as well as for the other persons involved in this institution, especially the child or the children. In modern times, the number of divorce cases is on the rise for a few reasons. The first being our engrossment with the daily tasks of our lives that hardly leaves any time to look after our personal relationships which might have gone sour and should be given high priority. The children in modern times are put under the care of individuals who get paid to look after them, and this is considered as harmful to the development of a healthy relationship between the child and the parents. The second reason can be cited as the development of an independent frame of mind in women, where they supposedly feel that they can look after all their daily needs of life without the interference of a man, who would assume a superior role in the house. This is because the women of today do not like to remain under the control of any man and value their freedom more than anything else. All these as well as a few other unique reasons has led to the rise in the percentage of divorce cases all across the globe, with the frequency being slightly higher in the developed nations of the world, which is quite understandable from the above causes cited. Especially in the United States of America, there seems to be no respite from this modern menace where the whole institution of marriage has been questioned, because sooner or later all seem to be heading towards the courtrooms for a formal break up of it, or a divorce or separation from the bondage. Almost all the states in the country seem to be under this as is evident from all the statistics collected from the states, and the Vermont Divorce Statistics tell a no different story, since the rate of divorce cases taking place in this state, situated in the northeastern part, too is on the rise with the passage of time.

Vermont Divorce Statistics for 2004

The effects of modern life has made the divorce statistics in Vermont rise to a never before level, even though there are a few exceptions that were noticed, especially in the months for the year 2004.

Month-wise figures

Month Number of Divorces
January 195
February 163
March 206
April 222
May 231
June 184
July 217
August 207
September 198
October 189
November 198
December 242
County-wise figures

County Number of Divorces
Windsor 252
Windham 176
Washington 240
Rutland 207
Orleans 112
Orange 128
Lamoille 101
Grand Isle 20
Franklin 241
Essex 33
Chittenden 499
Caledonia 138
Bennington 184
Addison 121

This table also shows that there are a few differences in the number of divorces in the counties as well.

The following table will give us a brief picture of the number of children who have been placed under different types of custodies after a break up, a divorce or a separation took place between the parents. And the adjacent table shows the total number of children of separated parents.

Type of custody of children under 18 Number of Divorces
Split 25
Joint 379
Wife 653
Husband 69
Other 4
Unknown 144

Number of children of divorced parents Total number of such children
One 472
Two 495
Three 173
Unknown 144
Total 1,284

Overall Vermont Divorce Statistics

The following table shows us the percentage of divorce cases that took place in the different years.

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 3.6
2006 3.8
2005 3.6
2004 3.9
2003 4.0
2002 4.2
2001 4.3
2000 4.1
1999 4.4
1995 4.7
1990 4.5

Period Provisional number of divorces
January to October 2008 1,892
January to October 2007 1,851
January to October 2006 1,962

Though the percentage of divorce cases taking place in the state of Vermont in the United States of America has decreased, there still seems to be a long way to go to further bring down the numbers. The clergy and the church can take an active part in this matter to make sure that there is a reduction in the number of divorce cases taking place in the state very soon.

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