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People get married with the expectation and hope to have someone in their lives with whom they can share all their joys as well as sorrows, living together in the same house and under the same roof. They wish that this special individual in their life would always extend their hand forward whenever the former is in distress or need, or lend a warm shoulder and support to comfort them and make them ease through the times of despair and sorrow. Having all these silent hopes in their hearts, human beings step into the institution of a marriage, however, it only proves otherwise at times. That is to say, often it is seen that when the going gets tough and the road ahead seems to be full of deadlocks and difficulties, at times rather than sticking together through thick and thin, couples are seen to part ways and step aside from each other. There seems to be no time available with the modern man to devote for solving issues among his family and especially to spend time with one's that are near and dear to them, with the result that before long things seem to drift apart and then the only best solution that seems to be there is to call it quits and go for a break up, or a divorce or a separation between the partners. The immense toll this modern nuisance has on the ones involved is something that comes into the picture much later, after the damage has already been done, especially in the minds of the innocent children, who have to go through all this trauma without any fault of theirs. Secondly, women these days are encouraged through various media, especially the internet as well as the television to adopt an independent frame of mind and this has done more evil than good, since women with their higher earning capacity do not acknowledge as well as feel the need to have a man in their lives to take care of all their daily needs of life, and so they do not fear opting for a divorce if things do not seem to work out with their husbands, since they are financially independent to look after themselves. However, as per the findings of a survey, it has been seen that there has been a major fall in the lifestyles of women, post divorce. The developed nations of the world have witnessed this trend more than the others, and the United States of America is one such nation, where the rate of divorce taking place daily is ever on the rise. The state of Wisconsin in the United States of America is no exception as the other states in the country too fall into this category, as proved by the recent Wisconsin Divorce Statistics.

Wisconsin Divorce Statistics from 1920 to 2008

The rate of divorces in the state of Wisconsin from the year 1920 to the year 2008 is shown in the form of a table below.

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population Number of divorces
2008 3.0 16,885
2007 2.9 16,458
2006 3.0 16,730
2005 2.9 16,297
2004 3.0 16,802
2003 3.1 17,150
2002 3.2 17,471
2001 3.3 17,457
2000 3.2 17,388
1995 3.4 17,313
1990 3.6 17,727
1985 3.5 16,596
1980 3.7 17,589
1975 2.9 13,187
1970 2.0 8,930
1965 1.2 5,232
1960 0.9 3,672
1955 1.3 4,720
1950 1.4 4,845
1945 2.2 6,393
1940 1.1 3,599
1935 1.2 3,543
1930 0.9 2,553
1925 0.9 2,467
1920 0.9 2,425

From the above it can be seen easily that there is no fixed rule which would make us believe that either the rate of divorces taking place in the state of Wisconsin has decreased or increased, with a few of the years having seen a fall, while the others having seen a rise.

County-wise Wisconsin Divorce Statistics of 2008

All the counties in this state of Wisconsin have been arranged in descending order as per the rate of divorces in the state of Wisconsin from the year 1920 to the year 2008 as shown in the table below.

Here is a list of the number of divorces that has taken place in the different counties of the state that has been placed in descending order.

County Number of Divorces
Milwaukee 2,432
Dane 1,391
Waukesha 1,014
Brown 827
Outagamie 624
Winnebago 558
Rock 549
Racine 538
Kenosha 502
Marathon 390
Washington 369
Sheboygan 330
Walworth 327
St. Croix 325
Dodge 314
La Crosse 301
Jefferson 290
Eau Claire 289
Fond du Lac 280
Manitowoc 267
Wood 264
Sauk 225
Portage 196
Chippewa 193
Waupaca 188
Ozaukee 180
Monroe 173
Columbia 170
Barron 151
Oneida 145
Calumet 141
Douglas 140
Dunn 126
Marinette 125
Polk 124
Grant 122
Oconto 122
Pierce 110
Green 108
Shawano 108
Juneau 97
Waushara 92
Trempealeau 91
Adams 90
Clark 89
Vilas 84
Langlade 79
Iowa 77
Door 75
Vernon 75
Lincoln 72
Kewaunee 62
Sawyer 61
Bayfield 59
Green Lake 57
Richland 56
Taylor 54
Price 53
Rusk 52
Jackson 51
Lafayette 49
Burnett 48
Marquette 48
Ashland 45
Buffalo 42
Washburn 39
Crawford 38
Forest 30
Iron 27
Pepin 18
Florence 17
Menominee 1

This table again confirms the above fact that the rate of divorce taking place in the state is not uniform in the counties as well, with a few of them hardly having witnessed any divorce cases, while in the others the rate is worrisome. With a little more effort on the part of the citizens, there can be more improvement in the statistics of divorce in the state with time.

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