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Divorce is often defined as a process of legal termination of marriage. There are many reasons behind this termination including cheating, breakdown of marital relation, fraudulent behavior, cruelty, etc. Though it is generally known as a time-consuming and expensive procedure, there are some solutions to make it simpler and easier. Three steps divorce is one of them.

Three steps Divorce regarding an uncontested case:

  1. A law firm files the dissolution documents. There are many lawyers and attorneys who will provide legal help to the clients to end a marriage in a reasonable time period. Also, it saves time and energy of the client as these law firms have gone through this process for many times. So, they can do it more efficiently than an individual applicant.

  2. The Defendant (or the Respondent) is given a legal notice regarding filing of the divorce. This is mostly done when a spouse is not aware of a decision of breaking the relation. After serving a notice, response is waited from a spouse for specific period. This period generally lasts for thirty days. There are three types of legal notice:

    • The Defendant has signed the termination waiver
    • The Defendant is served with the paperwork
    • If the Plaintiff (or the Petitioner) does not know the present address of the Defendant, an advertisement is placed in the local newspaper with an aim of notifying the Defendant that the petition for separation has been field in the particular court.

  3. A local court hearing is scheduled that lasts for approximately five to ten minutes. During the hearing, the judge asks 10 to 15 questions to the Plaintiff and to the witnesses. These questions are related to the marriage and separation. At the conclusion of the court hearing, the judge signs the divorce decree. It must be kept in mind that although the actual hearing needs only five to ten minutes, the Plaintiff and the witnesses have to wait for a specific time and this depends on how many cases are being heard. The applicant should be prepared with a clear and true information to be given at the time of questions.

Three Steps Divorce using the National Website

The National Website (National Center for State Courts i.e. http://www.ncsconline.org/wc/courtopics/StateLinks.asp?id=108%20&%20topic=ProSe) can be used to complete procedure for permanent detachment from the partner in three steps as follows:

  1. Using the link provided, the Plaintiff must find the forms of the respective state as well as the self-help centers. The website provides information regarding which forms are necessary as well as the instructions to complete these forms. These forms are needed to be filled up with a lot of attention. The applicant should be aware of the consequences of providing misleading information related to personal and marital matters.

  2. The Plaintiff must download and complete these forms. At this stage, the Plaintiff and the Defendant must set aside some time for completion of the forms. At this juncture, it is assumed that the divorcing couple has discussed with each other regarding the details of how to terminate the marital bond. If not, they should initially determine these details by mutual understanding and compromise. A couple can take help of the counseling session and a mediator for the same. Unless this is done, it is not possible to fill the forms completely.

  3. While filling the forms, there are some important points that need to be explained in detail. The cause of a divorce, problems with the spouse, terms of separation like property distribution and custody of child, etc.

    Following is the check list of the instructions that will help the applicant to manage this procedure without making mistakes:

    • The number of copies of the official documents that are needed
    • The venue of filing the documents
    • The fees for filing the forms and other court fees
    • Further steps to present the case before the judge in the county court

    Accordingly, the Plaintiff must file the forms in the court. This can be done by fax or by mail. The advantage of this method is that the Plaintiff can have a cheap and quick divorce. The energy and time of both partners is saved because of this facility.

The three steps dissolution of marriage is a great way to avoid many complexities in the process of getting parted from the partner. But, it is necessary to remember that this process is applicable for those who have agreed on the terms of dissolution. In such cases, the interference of the court is minimal. But, the cases where spouses do not agree on a single terms of a separation must be solved with the help of the court.

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