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Alaska is a state in Unite States where there is minimal religious influence on population. There are many occurrences of divorce due to modernization and changing concepts of the society about individual freedom. Alaska requires a petitioner to be a resident of the state. There are many more provisions in family laws of Alaska that are slightly different than of other states. So, here is a small analysis on Alaska divorce steps.

Alaska Divorce Steps to avoid exorbitant fees of a lawyer

  • The divorcing partners must organize the financial documents before they approach to a lawyer. If the lawyer requests for financial data, it is beneficial to be prompt in the delivery. Sometimes a divorcing partner has work time or personal constraints. In such a situation, the partner must avail the services of a financial professional to prepare financial statements with requisite information
  • Instead of communicating by telephone, the divorcing partner must use email. In case of telephone calls, it is difficult to maintain records. Emails exchanged between people can be taken as an evidence for the court procedure
  • The emails must be brief and to the point. The fact is that a lawyer gets hundreds of emails per day. So, if the lawyer is not required to browse through a lengthy email, it becomes possible for the lawyer to respond quickly

Alaska Divorce Steps regarding post-dissolution mortgages

If we consider that the recipient of child support wants a mortgage, then the mortgage lender expects evidence that the recipient would be able to repay the mortgage. Thus, the recipient would have to show a paper trail that proves the amount of child support.

  • The recipient of child support payments should not accept cash or direct deposit. The reason is that the recipient will not have any proof of income or paper trail to show to a bank. So, the recipient must demand a check on which "child support" is written on the memo line
  • The recipient may request the partner to direct the child support amount checks to CSSD (Child Support Services Division). Then, the CSSD forwards the checks to the recipient. The recipient must keep a copy of every check (both sides) that is received from CSSD

Steps to be taken before filing for a divorce

  • Prepare a list of the monthly household bills and other expenditures of the family
  • Procure access to credit cards and bank statements. Further, find out if the partner is taking cash advances often or is transferring money. If needed, joint accounts of a couple had to be ceased for specific time till the property division is announced
  • Sometimes one of the partners handles the finances of the family on-line and the other partner does not know the passwords of the credit card or bank. It is essential that the other partner asks for these passwords. Such a demand may give rise to an argument. Another alternative is to approach the bank or credit card company and request for copies of account statements. Also, all liabilities and savings are to be noted in a separate document
  • Prepare copies for minimum five years of the following
    • Loan applications
    • Investment account statements
    • Tax returns
    These copies must be stored with a lawyer or a relative or a friend. These copies are of utmost importance while presenting the case and appealing for a child custody and property share

  • The divorcing partners must make an application for a credit card in their own name. The address mentioned in this application must be according to their changed residences. It is important to inform the banks and creditors about a separation in order to avoid future problems
  • The divorcing partner must open a checking account at a credit union or bank, where banking is not usually done by the divorcing partner. This new account must be in the name of the divorcing partner only
  • The divorcing spouse must track the finances on the computer and maintain a backup copy of every financial data file
  • It is essential that each divorcing spouse runs a credit report on self. The credit ranking will decide the capacity of the partner to pay alimony and child support

Divorce steps in Alabama will differ according to the type of dissolution and conditions of communication between partners. The lawyers and attorneys have a vital role in case of a contested divorce that is regular litigation. Thus, this elaboration of procedure for legal termination in Alabama may help you in planning a separation in a proper way.

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