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Divorce in every state is different in case of provisions and requirements. T A dissolution of marriage is legal matter as marriage has been formed by law. Thus, a detailed study about termination of marital status is required while filing for it.

Colorado is categorized as a no fault divorce state. No-fault divorce is granted without any marital fault. So, while deciding issues like property division or alimony, the court does not take into account why divorce has taken place. The minimum span of time during which the divorce can be finalized is 90 days. In most of the cases, it requires a lot of time to resolve the issues between partners.

Overall view of Colorado Divorce Steps

  • The Petitioner files a Petition for Dissolution of marriage in the court
  • The process server takes the responsibility of serving the Respondent with the petition. The petition can be served with the help of various means such as courier or personal service.
  • Both the partners plan to have a status conference at the Colorado courthouse. This conference comprises of the following topics
    • Which are the issues that should be resolved?
    • How to create a time-line for completion of these issues?
  • Now, both the partners are allocated a Permanent Orders Date. This can range from four to nine months
  • If the divorcing partners desire to obtain temporary orders then a temporary order hearing is scheduled. During this, the following topics are discussed
    • Debts
    • Property
    • Maintenance or Alimony
    • Child Support
    • Temporary Parenting time
  • Then, the final court hearing takes place. During this, the permanent decision regarding the above topics is taken and it is made official by signing the document

Colorado Divorce Steps regarding Maintenance or Alimony

Regarding maintenance, steps are taken by the court to find out the following:

  • The ability of one divorcing partner to disburse the necessary amount to the other and yet fulfill the self requirements. The alimony is a compulsory obligation and thus, it can not be denied once approved by the court. The court considers all the factors like income sources and future requirements, debts, medical necessities, etc. while considering the amount of spousal maintenance
  • The need of the recipient regarding maintenance taking into account the property division in the divorce. The need is decided according to the income sources and requirements of that partner. Also, the work status and ability to earn of that partner is taken into consideration while finalizing the amount of alimony
While deciding alimony, the court takes the necessary divorce steps to confirm the following.

  • The spouse requesting alimony can be offered education or training so that this spouse can re-enter the work place. These expenses are to be arranged by that spouse as the contribution for the rebuilding life
  • Alimony must be given in a way to balance the property division and level the incomes of both partners

What divorce steps are taken about Property Division?

Marital Property is the property or asset attained by either partner in the marital life. It is a collection of assets and liabilities earned by any of the partners in the due course of marriage. A homemaker's contribution is compensated by the equal amount of money he or she would have earned. While determining this marital property, the following points are kept in mind.

  • Any debt incurred is regarded marital property and is subject to fair division
  • If the partners have any separate property and this increases after marriage this increase is labeled as marital property
  • The title of the property has no significance. For example, if the couple purchases a car in marital life and it is in the name of the husband only, still it is marital property

Any inheritances or gifts that are related to the partners are classified as Separate Property.

The court takes the following divorce steps regarding property division.

  • Separate Property is not divided
  • Marital property is divided, but not in a 50:50 ratio
  • The requirements of both individuals are taken into account while division is done

Determination of child support

The court takes the relevant steps for determination of the following.

  • The incomes of both parents
  • The amount of money paid by each parent for daycare and health insurance of the child
  • The duration of time that each parent can reserve for the child

Such as the picture of Colorado divorce steps. It is a state which has specific rules regarding property and child support. Every applicant who wish to take divorce in this state, has to get acquainted with these rules and provisions to follow divorce steps in a better manner.

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