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The divorce is ending of a marriage which no longer exists in a real sense. It is the only solution available for extreme differences and conflicts between partners. It is a well known fact that rules for dissolution of marriage vary in the states of U.S.. Thus, if you are a resident of Missouri, it is mandatory to know about Missouri divorce steps. Before filing for a divorce in Missouri, it is necessary to fulfill the residency requirements which are of three months duration in Missouri. Some divorce steps can be explained as below:

General overview of Missouri Divorce Steps

A divorce can be filed in a county where any of the spouses resides. The petitioner can choose the county where a couple was staying before getting separated. Some common steps of a divorce case are:

  • The petitioner ensures that the divorcing partners satisfy the residency requirements of this state

  • The Petitioner files the petition and other relevant divorce documents in the circuit court

  • The Petitioner serves the divorce documents to the Respondent with the help of various means of service

  • At this juncture, the divorce process can proceed along one of the following two routes:
    • The Respondent agrees to the divorce and signs the documents
    • The Respondent disagrees and is not willing to move the process forward

  • The court might schedule a hearing and send the notice concerning it to the petitioner and the spouse

  • During the hearing, the court may advise counseling

  • If the divorcing partners are in conflict regarding children, they can request the court to issue orders related to temporary custody and temporary child support. Till the quarrel gets over, the court might appoint a Guardian for the children

  • The court divides the property equitably. Items like gifts are not considered for division. The division is made on the basis of disclosure of property submitted by both partners. At the stage of discovery, the partners have to present their financial statements concerning assets and liabilities in the court whenever asked to do so

  • The divorcing partners must make it a point to attend the trial as the final judgment is made during this divorce step

What steps must be taken while contemplating a divorce?

There are some important points which may help you in the whole process of divorce. Other than following steps, make sure that you prepare for a divorce carefully. Following are some tips that may assist you:

  • Collect copies of the insurance policies (life and health policies) that are related to you, your partner and your children

  • Procure a legal description of every part of real property that both the partners own together and separately. Get latest information about the valuation of these properties and any debt related to it. Take the help of a real estate agent and ask this agent to gauge the amount for which this property can be sold in the present market

  • Gather all the details about the vehicles that are leased or owned by you and your partner. The following list gives an idea of the heads of details:
    • Make
    • Model
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Title
    • The current mileage
    • Debt and Creditor

  • Make a complete list of the physical assets of the residence like kitchen items, furniture pieces, family heirloom, antiques, etc. For this take a picture of all the assets or have a video of all these. Further, estimate the current price of each asset. Make a decision regarding whether you would like to retain it or are not bothered if your partner takes it

  • Get a comprehensive view of the economical status:
    • This involves determining the annul, semi-annual and monthly bills
    • 401K accounts, retirement accounts, stock assets, bank accounts, etc

It is advisable to prepare a copy of each of the above documents and secure them in a safe deposit box to which only you have access

Missouri Divorce Steps for the parents in relation to child custody

The divorcing parent must take the assistance of his or her lawyer to develop e-mails, photocopies, logs, calendars and other information that are related to the following topics:

  • The manner in which every parent undermines or supports the other parent's relation with the child
  • The mental and physical health of each parent
  • The plans made by each parent regarding the rearing and development of the child
  • For what duration of time is each parent available for the child
  • The special requirements of the child

Missouri divorce steps explain a general process of divorce. A mutual legal separation or an uncontested divorce may have less procedural requirements than the contested one. The difference is based on the nature of the case.

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