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The decision to end a marriage is a critical and painful situation in a couple's life. It takes a lot of courage and self-consoling power to deal with this transition, with consequences that can last for a lifetime. At this juncture, it is extremely important to get motivation and encouragement from near and dear ones, to go through the divorce process and thereafter, plan for a positive future ahead. Getting divorce support acts as a part of the couple's healing process at the time of such a loss in their life.

When an individual is granted a divorce, the person has mixed feelings of anger, grief and depression in the post-separation phase. It is during this phase that old friends and sometimes family members abandon the company of this person. The individual then struggles with solitude. But, this is the most important time when he/she needs empathetic company to move on in life. Such an aid opens up a safe, secured and understanding atmosphere for them, discarding away the negative effects associated with separation. To be able to share feelings with someone close certainly lessens the amount of stress.

In such a condition, it is essential that this person must be given physical and mental help. However, family, friends or relatives are always not there to support the individual. Thus, in US, several supporting options are easily available as alternatives to help them feel relaxed. In order to extend this divorce support, several groups have been created. Here, people suffering the pangs of disassociation gather together and comfort each other. It gives a good feeling of not being alone in this condition. You can learn from the experiences of others who have undergone dissociation and thus, lighten your burden by sharing your feelings.

Types of Divorce Support

  • Family, friends and relatives - A closed knit help from family, friends or relatives is the most helpful and effective way of supporting. People who actually empathize with your situation and offer good advice can give you the needful company. They should be willing to talk and be a good listener as well. They must not indulge you to talk or think negative
  • Groups - There are many online and offline support groups to guide the divorced spouses. The groups may differ by the scope of objective or individual's preference to join a particular group of their choice and concern. For instance one may be interested to join a group which deals with child separation, father separation, help for men, help for women, post-divorce assistance, chats, blogs, help services, and so on
  • Counseling or coaching - Counseling or coaching also has been proved to be an effective method. You can take help from a reliable a divorce coach, who can guide you through the process with information and support in all concerned phases. They help you stay balanced and deal with the transition in life positively. While a counselor will try to know you and your life since childhood till present, and then counsel you will probable solutions
  • Support through financial aid - The other aspect of separation support is a financial one. Divorced spouses and children of separation are offered money, directly or indirectly, by the other spouse as per the orders of the court. This kind of support is based on each State's law prevalent in the United States. Such financial aids could be:
    • Child support: Parents are legally liable to provide financial assistance to the child. In most cases, the non-custodial parent pays the child support till the child graduates from high school or continue paying to a disabled child. The amount depends on several factors and method of calculation as per State laws
    • Spousal Support: Alimony or spousal maintenance is the payment made to one of the spouses by the other at the time of divorce. The amount of alimony depends on various factors like the length of the marriage, financial resources, education and employment, job skills and responsibilities of each party, marital misconduct, property history, etc. The maximum amount of alimony that court may award is based on State law
    • Property division: Sometimes, property division is also taken into consideration as a financial aid to a spouse in divorce. The property may be divided either on equitable distribution laws or community property giving a 50/50 spilt. The court orders a division of the estate in a manner that the court deems just and right, having due regard for the rights of each party and any children of the marriage

Divorce support helps an individual see the brighter and positive side of life. It aims to control the emotions and stress in life post-divorce. An end of a marriage brings with it a lot of change for yourself and the children. Thus, it is a wise decision to mark it as a new beginning and move on.

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