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Divorce is an emotional, physical and financial devastating process in a person's life. It is a common myth that woman suffers more than a man do as a result of separation. But, this is absolutely not true. Men are equal sufferers in this arena, when it is one of the most difficult times in their life. In such a situation, they need a lot of support and help to cope up with the transition in their life. Divorce support for men can act as a healing process during this time and can help him lead a confident life solving his own problems, thus, laying a positive future ahead.

Ways to Ensure Divorce Support for Men

  • If a divorced man simply stays at home and pines over the divorce, such a person would not be able to overcome depression. So, it is recommended to remain socially active. This is very beneficial for the psychological and physical health. A point to note is that socially active does not imply immediately locating a substitute for the wife
  • A divorced husband is advised to join a health club. When a man exercises routinely, the following benefits can be experienced
    • - The body gets a feeling of strength
    • - The appetite is elevated due to which the man eats properly
    • - The man gets a sound sleep
    • - The mind feels stronger due to which he becomes emotionally solid
    • - The man can meet several outstanding individuals at the health club. Thus, this club can result in becoming a great social outlet
    • - Feelings like bitterness and / or anger can be overcome
  • The divorced man must completely dedicate himself in his work. If possible, he should work overtime. If there are any parties of his company or any work events, then such a person may offer to volunteer
  • Another method of Divorce Support for Men is that the divorced man must continue his relation with his family members and friends. While meeting and interacting with these people, he must not speak about his imminent divorce or "soon to be ex spouse". The divorced man must make it a point to remain present at family functions. This is a good opportunity to revive lost relations
  • It happens that sometimes a divorced man and his ex-spouse have mutual friends. While talking with these friends, the divorced man should never bring up the topic of his ex-spouse. He should not put these friends in an uncomfortable situation of taking sides. When any mutual friend talks about the ex-spouse, the divorced husband must say that he does not wish to comment about her at the moment as it is very painful. A majority of listeners would respect this comment
  • Let us consider a sad impact of divorce. Assume that a divorced man has good relations with his in-laws. However, if he converses with them, the topic of marriage and divorce would automatically surface. Thus, it is mandatory that a divorced man should cut all contacts with the in-laws
  • If a divorced man has children, he should make it a point to spend time with them. Moreover, he should get involved in their school events. This man must never discuss any aspect of the divorce with his children.
  • Some divorced men have robust religious relations. These men must take active roles in synagogue or church events and groups. They can volunteer to be a part of events planning, committees or boards. It is advisable to join or volunteer a religious group only if you feel really compelled to do so
  • If a divorced man is interested in sports or any hobby, then he can search on the Internet to find a local meeting place near his home. For example, a person might joint a softball team, golf league, bowling league or a dart league

Support option for men

  • Family, friends and relatives - The company of friends, family and relatives is the common and most effective support process for a divorced man

  • Coaching or counseling - Men can also take help from a divorce coach or a counselor to deal with the reality and to overcome the negative effects of divorce

  • Groups - There are support groups available for men in US. These groups are either run by professionals or are member-run. These groups lay a common platform for several like-minded people who are going through the same situation. They discuss and share their feelings and set out goals of life to move on. Men can avail help from:
    • private groups in each State
    • seminars or forum
    • professional lectures
    • NGO groups like Divorced father's network
    • Church groups
    • Online support groups like dad's divorce, responsible divorce, divorce support for men.com

    Divorce support for men is extremely essential for letting go the past and moving on towards re-building the life in a positive manner. It is important to find out the right source who can actually help in lessening the effects of divorce.

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