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Marriage dissolution affects a couple in a negative way, with consequences that may last for a lifetime. It is essential to face this challenge in life in a positive manner. Women are considered to be dependent on men on several issues in life post-marriage, be it emotional, physical or financial. However, it is a fact that woman of today are much stronger and independent, than they used to be fifty years back. But, that does not discard the truth of passing a stressful and painful phase as a result of separation. In such a situation, divorce support for women may a part of healing or recovery process to move on in life by helping them to:

  • face the trauma and uncover the reality of present life
  • diminish stress, anxiety, and fear about future
  • Boosting self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth
  • strengthen the bond with children, family, and friends
  • set goals of life and achieve them successfully
  • see the brighter side of life and mark a new beginning

Divorce support can be offered by family, friends, relatives, a coach or a counselor. In US, several support groups are also available for help. These groups are either run by professionals or are member-run. These groups lay a common platform for several like-minded people who are going through the same situation. They discuss and share their feelings and set out goals of life to move on.

Necessity of Support for Women in divorce

  • The biggest challenge that a woman faces is residing alone
  • After playing the role of a stay at home spouse or mother, women develop a desire or need to work outside house
  • Women struggle to adjust with single parenthood
  • Women have to adapt to get back to the dating scene
  • A divorced women has to go through various emotions like fear and frustration to hope and exhilaration

Divorce Support for Women on LinkedIn

"Divorce Support for Women" is the name of a divorce support group for women on the linkedin website. Women who are addressing the ups and downs of divorce can take assistance from this divorce group. When a woman registers her name in this group, simultaneously the woman accedes to the following:

  • Her name and email address should be accessible by the official representative of this group

  • This woman can be identified as a group member of this support group in her profile and the LinkedIn search results

Divorce Support for Women abused by lawyers

It has been observed that there are many women who have an abusive relation with their husbands and this moves on to an abusive relation with the lawyer. The characteristics of such a relation are as follows:

  • The lawyer does not explain the fundamental principles of divorce law
  • The lawyer harasses the women by demanding increasing amounts of money
  • The lawyer does a tiny amount of work and sucks the client financially dry
  • The lawyer makes the divorce case problematic

As a solution to the above, some forums have been created by certain good lawyers. The intention of creating these forums is that the women should be exposed to a community of support, proper advice and education. The lawyers of these forums guide women how to file a complaint against an abusive lawyer and question the bill sanctioned by such a lawyer.

Methods of obtaining divorce support

One of the methods of offering support to women undergoing a divorce is enabling their friendship with other women who are facing similar challenges in life. There are several reasons why such a friendship is essential. Few of them are mentioned as below:

  • A woman might have a robust and solid support system, but may feel isolated and confused
  • The people related to a woman may be very involved in their own families and obligations
  • If a woman has single friends, who are happily married and long term friends, still such friends can find it difficult to related to the woman's emotions
  • The woman can share frustrations, success stories and ideas

A woman associated with divorce has to recognize that divorce has given rise to a new phase in her life. Now, there is a necessity of expanding her network. She should seriously consider about joining a local group for singles. This is a very good opportunity of meeting dating partners.

A woman can look forward to interest groups and community organizations. Her aim must be to concentrate on activities like an aerobics class or book club or writing group instead of pondering on emotions and tasks that have propped up due to the divorce.

In conclusion, it can surely be stated that divorce support for women means a lot to them towards re-building a better future. The end of a marriage brings a lot of changes in their life. It is a wise decision to accept all changes and proceed ahead with head held high. A strong support system and self-controlling power definitely brings a safe and secured feeling not only in them, but also to the children and other family members.

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