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Divorce support forums is a platform where people communicate with each other and share their feelings and experiences, when going through a divorce or post-separation period. This forum acts as a support factor for a divorced couple, who can find out ways to ease their emotional, financial or physical trauma. Apart from the traditional community and local support systems, an increasing rate of online support demand has been noticed.

A Divorce Support Forum or Message Board is an online divorce discussion site. The site is a web application that manages user-generated content. When people participate in a divorce support message board, there is a possibility that they would develop social bonds and interest groups.

These divorce forums are developed with the following intents in mind:

  • People who are interested in divorce topics should be able to network with one another
  • Users can make new friends, tell stories, give and get ideas
  • Users can clarify their positions and ideology and thereby make challenging and interesting discussions about divorce
  • Users can suggest ways to improve lifestyle and give moral support
  • Users can ask questions regarding any queries they have or any suggestions they want
Areas covered in the Forum

The support forums varies according to State to State need across US. The types of forums that can help a divorced couple may include several aspects like child custody, bankruptcy, financial issues, life after divorce, grandparents rights, spousal support, save your marriage, dating after divorce, men's rights, women's right, military divorce, children and divorce, amongst many others.

Salient features of Divorce Support Forums

  • In order to only read posts, one can enter as a guest
  • In order to post or answer a post that is already present, the user has to register with the forum
  • If a user is disruptive, the guide may use his / her discretion and ban this user
  • Insensitive / rude remarks may be removed
  • Users are advised not to post to sell any object or involve any person in a money making proposal
  • Any commercial posts or spam will be deleted
  • At the end of any post, the user needs to place his / her signature. This signature may consist of the name of the user and his / her URL
  • When a user posts a message that is very negative in form and generally attacks the message posted by another user, this process is coined as Flaming. In case of some divorce forums, Flaming is not permitted
  • It is understood that different users can have varying views about a particular situation. However, if the discussion exudes conflict and anger, the users get a warning that the post is inappropriate. If the users disregard this warning, this may result in the following ways:
    • Removal of the post
    • Ban on the user
Rules of Divorce Support Forums
  • The post should not be in "All Caps." This gives an impression that the user is shouting. Moreover, the post becomes hard to read
  • While talking with others, users must maintain respect for one another
  • Heated discussions are permissible, but they must be civil. The language must be clean and there must be a precise use of words. If one user feels that another user is irritating him / her, then the irritated user must avoid the posts of the irritating user
  • No user should attempt to convert other user to their beliefs. This is not a place for Proselytizing
  • One user should not use more than one forum ID, screen name, etc. If any user has many IDs, this is termed as a Troll. It is not permitted in divorce forums
  • If any user places links to money making websites or advertisements, then this user would be banned
  • Assume that a husband and wife both post on the same divorce forum and both detect each other's presence on the same forum. Then, they must convey their relationship to the forum. This couple must realize that the forum is not a place to conflict with each other

Divorce support forums serve as an online venue where people can find out various answers to their queries related to divorce and can communicate with other people who are sharing similar experiences. A divorce can trigger issues of anger, depression, guilt, fear, loneliness, etc. A proper support system is extremely crucial to overcome all problems and issues concerning the separation. Thus, a support forum provides needful help to tackle these issues and guide in overcoming the obstacles to move on in life.

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