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A divorce support group assists people in handling life after divorce. This assistance is related to the grief, financial onus and anger innate to the termination of a marriage.

When a person terminates a relation, this individual has to face a very difficult phase in life. It is not easy to overcome the emotional trauma and move on in life. In order to emerge successful through this phase, there are a number of support, counseling and therapy options open for this person. The support group members voluntarily comes together to share their feelings, set positive goals and the ways to achieve those set goals. Divorce groups are a type of support, which may be member-run or may be offered by professionals.

The divorce support offered by a group is inclusive of the following:

  • Self esteem workshops
  • Anger management
  • Religious counseling
  • Legal advice

From one person to the other, the type of support suggested is different. Divorce groups play a significant role in building a network of supportive people. This is essential to fill the vacuum caused when former family relations and friendships are lost post-divorce. There are many online and offline support groups to guide the divorced spouses. The groups may differ by the scope of objective or individual's preference to join a particular group of their choice and concern. For instance one may be interested to join a group which deals with child separation, father separation, help for men, help for women, post-divorce assistance, chats, blogs, online help services, and so on

Advantages of Divorce Support Group

  • This is a chance to heal faster from the trauma of divorce
  • There are potential health benefits like a strengthened immune system
  • The divorced person remains in company of people who realize the pain and isolation caused by a divorce
  • Gives an opportunity to be moral support to each other and exchange practical and useful information/advice
  • There is advice and advocacy of participant's rights related to divorce
  • Provide different ways in which you can better your relationship with the child and deal with them. It will aware you about new ideas and solutions with respect to child related problems (that a child may face as a result of parent separation)
  • Will help you in being aware of the laws and procedures of your respective State (to deal with divorce proceedings and finalization properly)
  • Helps in understanding the financial concerns and the ways to deal with them

Locating Divorce Support Groups

  • Refer your friend or relatives to get contacts, who may be aware of such groups. The best thing is to contact a divorced couple you know or may have come across, who can help with contacts of particular group you are looking for
  • During the divorce process, one comes in contact with legal channels and the courthouse. After the divorce, the divorced person can request these contacts to suggest resources of divorce support
  • The divorced person should approach his / her place of worship or one of the large worship places in the neighborhood. It is seen that synagogues and / or churches offer divorce care to deal with the pain and hurt of divorce
  • Have a one-to-one session with a psychologist who has previous experience in divorce and family issues. It is quite possible that a psychologist may direct you to a divorce support group
  • The names and contact details of these groups can be searched for on the Internet or local yellow pages. The next step would be to compare these groups on the basis of frequency, times and set-up of a support group. It is advisable to select some groups and visit these. Then, it is feasible to select any one that best suits your requirements
  • If no such group is available, then it is recommended to start a group. Although, this appears a little scary, one gradually realizes that like-minded people come together and assist each other to manage an unsettling condition

Tips regarding demeanor in a support group

  • After one understands the private details of any person in the group, one should never discuss these details with any person outside the group. In this way, privacy of the divorce group should be maintained
  • One should bear in mind that the divorce recovery process needs some time. So, it is not wise to push oneself very fast
  • One should feel free and frank to share self experience
  • Some groups have a very large number of attendees and this might be intimidating for a new joinee
  • There are some groups for the former husbands, some groups for the former wives and some groups for both

Divorce can trigger all sorts of negative feelings in you including anger, depression, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, fear amongst others. Coping up with such a situation in life is challenging. A divorce support group can certainly help you ease some of your stresses to an extent. Choosing a right support group according to your need will not only help you overcome emotional and financial trauma, but will also help in the well-being of you and your children in the long-run.

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