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Support is a key element in the recovery process of a person during or post-separation period. Divorce support group assists people in handling life after the end of their marriage. In US, there are various support groups which aims to control such an individual's emotions, provide moral support and plan a positive future for them. There are many online and offline support groups, counseling and therapy options to guide these people. Divorce support meetings are held for such purpose, where the support group members voluntarily come together on a common platform to share their feelings, set positive goals and the ways to achieve those set goals.

The meetings may be member-run or may be offered by professionals. They allow to build a network of supportive people who are experiencing the same situation and pain in life and trying to overcome the same. The data furnished below is applicable to some divorce support groups and provides a general idea about their meetings. However, specific support groups might have other ideas for their meetings.

Agenda of Divorce Support Meetings:

  • Meet people who are going through divorce, separation or a challenging break-up
  • Share common feelings and emotions
  • Discuss several issues concerning marriage and divorce
  • Question and find out queries through mutual discussion
  • Find friendly advice and moral support to heal the trauma
  • Exchange practical and useful advice
  • Involve in various healing and fun activities like games, meditation, role-plays, etc.

Format of Divorce Support Meetings for Divorcees

  • One meeting is run for the duration of 90 minutes
  • The group members attend six such weekly meetings
  • The groups offer an option to re-contract at the end of six weeks for a period of another six weeks
  • The divorce support groups have limited attendees for the meeting. The intent is that every member should have sufficient time to participate. On an average, six people are permitted
  • The aim of the meetings is that the members should let go of the past and move forward to a joyous life

Format of Support Meetings for Step-parents

  • One meeting is allotted a time duration of 90 minutes
  • The step-parents should meet two times in a month for duration of four months. Thus, overall 8 90 minute meetings are scheduled
  • The group size for one meeting is restricted to four couples or eight individuals
  • The members of the groups must make a contract to attend four sessions at a time
  • The organizers of the divorce support groups inspire both the step-parents to remain present at the meetings. However, in cases where this is not feasible, it is permissible that only one may be there

Support Meetings for Divorced Adults

  • Adult workshops are of a periodic nature
  • The duration of these workshops are limited to about two hours
  • These meetings are of an interactive nature
  • Some examples of topics discussed during these meetings are as follows:
    • Preparation for an important life event after divorce
    • Getting along with your new spouse's ex
    • Getting along with your ex

Meetings for Children of Divorce

  • Organizers arrange meetings for children of divorced families, divorcing families and step-families
  • Such meetings are generally for two consecutive Saturdays and two hours on each Saturday. Thus, the total time is of four hours
  • During these meetings, the children are offered a chance to express their range of feelings. The children learn some tools regarding how to express their feelings
  • After the meetings, the children understand that they are not alone in the world
  • At the conclusion of the meetings, the group leader schedules an appointment with each child's parent(s). During this appointment, the parent(s) can ask any questions or queries regarding the adjustment of the child in the new ambience. The group leader addresses these concerns and in this way is helpful towards the parent(s) as well as the child

Rollercoaster's Program

  • The group of children meet for eight consecutive weeks for one hour each week after school
  • During the final meeting, the parent(s) is invited to accompany the child
  • In course of the meetings, the group leader uses role plays, games and discussions to assist children to enhance self respect and manage feelings of anger and loss

Divorce support meetings cater to the group of people who wants to mark a new beginning in their life after divorce. The scope of such meeting is completely supportive of everyone's individual needs and emotions. If you are not able to take the stress of your separation anymore and need some help, do join the respective support groups who can help you ease your trauma. Attend the meetings and help yourself vent out all negative emotions and thoughts and extract the positive ones in you.

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