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Divorce is one of the most stressful and complicated issues that a couple can go through their life. It is easier to tackle the process and recover the negative effects of a separation, often with the support of others. Divorce support services are the set of valuable offerings which helps complete a divorce process completely. It includes series of assistance from filing the divorce case till its finalization, followed by handling the post-separation emotional and financial trauma. The services may be offered by professionals, associations, local groups, experts, online sources, workshops or forums covering the emotional, legal and financial aspects of a divorce.

Divorce Support Services in the form of Dialog Workshops

Before opting for service in the form of 'Dialog workshop', ask yourself few questions and try to analyze the replies from the same. Consider the following situations:

  • You simply wish to get information about the divorce procedure
  • You want to debate regarding child support or parenting time
  • You have been separated from your spouse for a considerable period, but are not in a position to afford the legal fees
  • You are still in the "I can't believe this is happening" phase

The answer to any of these or other divorce related situations is to avail the divorce services in the form of 'Dialog Workshops'. The steps followed are:

  • These workshops are usually arranged in 4 sessions and encompass the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce. The facilitators of these workshops schedule these as a series. However, each individual has the freedom to sign up for 1 or 2 or 3 sessions.
  • 2 sessions are dedicated to the legal process of uncontested divorces with or without children. 2 sessions are meant for understanding of pre and post-divorce finances. The facilitators offer Dialog on the norms of divorce in that particular county. However, all attendees can benefit from this Dialog by working on how to apply the information to their situation.
  • Each session serves as a gainful experience and guides the attendee while simultaneously creating a team of support. In some counties, the Dialog workshops are restricted to women only for reasons of security. There is a fee for each session. If the fee is paid in advance for multiple sessions, then reduced fees are levied. Qualified individuals need to disburse lower fees.

Divorce Support Services through Psychologists

Some psychologists have begun services pertaining to divorce support. All these psychologists have completed Masters Level or Ph.D. along with minimum 2 degrees in the field of psychology. They have fulfilled the examination, supervision and training requirements to practice.

It is usually found that in case of some medical specialists there is a need of a referral from a medical or family doctor. However, these psychologists can be directly accessed by means of a phone call or an email. In turn, these psychologists contact the individual and ask answers to some questions. This helps the psychologists to understand what the person desires to discuss and further, if this person has contacted the right psychologist for the service.

These psychologists are independent private practice owners. They charge their fees on the basis of the following 4 factors.

  • The type of service to be performed (i.e. family therapy or individual therapy)
  • The Pricing guidelines set by the county
  • Whether the person who has approached has secondary health insurance
  • Individual discretion by the psychologist

Different parts of Divorce Support Services

  • Co-parenting Services

The best gift that divorced parents could give to their children is co-parenting. There are websites that offer online co-parenting classes for adults. These classes are endorsed by several states and fulfill national standards for families hampered by divorce

  • Financial Services

When a couple divorces, they must substitute the insurance coverage they had as a couple with individual policies. Insurance quote services are provided to enable divorcees to find local insurance agents from whom the free quotes for all insurance requirements can be procured

  • Legal Services

Legal Protection Plans are disclosed that result in saving some percent of the legal fees

Choosing the right divorce support services that best fits the need of a person during or post-divorce, is a critical but important step. The services vary according to each State's divorce procedures and laws in US. It is very important for a person to be aware of all such details. Apart from the above mentioned options of services, one may consult a good and experienced attorney to follow the legal formalities An attorney may also help in giving referrals for post-divorce counseling or such other aspects.

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