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A divorced father faces the extremes of emotional hurdle during and after separation. Being away from ex-wife and children and maintaining the relationship is a major challenge for them. Children play the most important role in a parent's life. But, when a situation comes that a father cannot stay with their children post-divorce, it becomes the most devastating and hard truth of life. However, there are ways to be in touch and keep the relation alive. Father divorce support groups can assist fathers in handling life after divorce and show him the right directions of continuing his parenting responsibilities.

The empathetic company of existing family members, relatives or friends can be a stress-buster and guidance post-separation. Apart from this, one can come across a very large number of fathers divorce support groups in the United States wherein, divorced fathers can become members. In such groups, it is possible to get personal, financial and legal assistance pertaining to parenting or other issues.

Another method is to register with some online fathers divorce support forums that exist online. While choosing an online support group, a divorced father must ascertain that this group offers an insight to the local law of the state / county.

Divorce Support for Fathers in US and UK

There are a number of father divorce support groups that have originated in the United States and these endeavor for equal rights of fathers with mothers. These groups are either run by professionals or are member-run. These groups lay a common platform for several like-minded fathers who are going through the same situation. Some of the examples of these divorce support groups are "The American Coalition of Fathers and Children", 'Parents Without Rights', 'Million Dads March Network', NGO groups like 'Divorced father's network'

The above mentioned groups regard the father-child bond as very significant. It has been observed that children have minimal or no contact with their fathers. These groups emphasize the need for shared parenting and thus, intend to have joint custody arrangements as a usual award rather than as an exception. The purpose of this arrangement is that both parents would be given equal access and responsibility of the child.

"Families Need Fathers" is a respected organization in the UK. The work of this organization is to assist both the parents. It has been recorded that a larger percentage of its members are fathers. This institution collaborates with the courts to convince divorcing parents that the interests of their children are above those of the parents themselves.

In the UK, the Rights for Father's Movement has resulted in the formation of "Fathers 4 Justice." Presently, it has branches in Italy, Holland, Canada and the US. This organization is of the opinion that the courts mete out unfair treatment to fathers regarding contact with children post divorce.

Various aspects of Father Divorce Support

  • Financial Counseling

A divorced father must search for support regarding how he should handle his investment and property astutely. His intent must be that he should get money consistently and moreover when he needs it the most. Some of the topics to be discussed are child support and / or alimony

  • Personal Support

When a father is awarded child custody, it must be borne in mind that henceforth he has to shoulder several responsibilities. It has been observed that fathers lack information regarding the requirements of the children and do not know how to take care of the children. The solution is that such father's should join the father's divorce support forums. Here, they would come across people who have undergone single parenting and obtain precious tips regarding this topic. Not only single parenting but also any other divorce related situation can be discussed with the support group

  • Legal Support

The father's divorce support forums are a very good source of detailed information pertaining to the procedure of the legal proceedings of divorce. A particular father can collect the essential documents and get prepared in a manner that would be at an advantage over the mother in the divorce case. The father can reach this situation by gaining from the experience of other fathers

With changing time, the rights of fathers in terms of custody, visitation or other child support related issues have been given equal importance like that of the mother. Nowadays, a father can easily win shared, joint or complete custody of their children, if the case is presented wisely by following the State laws. A father divorce support group can help them achieve this goal by providing personal, legal and financial assistance in a just manner.

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