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Divorce support is the part of an emotional healing process for a divorced couple. It helps to move ahead in life with a positive mindset, discarding all the negative effects and emotional stresses away from life. Support may be attained from existing family members, friends, relatives, recognized groups, forums or through counseling or coaching. It is a challenge to find divorce support which will be helpful and effective to the divorcees. Finding a good support group may build a network of like-minded people who are going through the same situation in order to comfort and advice each other.

Benefits of finding a divorce support

  • Share common feelings and emotions
  • Find friendly advice and moral support to heal the trauma
  • Exchange practical and useful information/advice
  • Provide different ways in which you can better your relationship with the child and deal with them. It will aware you about new ideas and
  • solutions with respect to child related problems (that a child may face as a result of parent separation)
  • Help build a positive life after divorce
  • Motivates to boost self-consoling power, self-esteem and confidence
  • Helps in understanding the financial concerns and the ways to deal with them

Steps to Find Divorce Support

  • A very reliable resource of finding divorce support groups is the Yellow Pages of the local phone book that have been published on the Internet. Established groups have possibly a permanent postal address along with a phone number. They may also have a hotline
  • Another mode of using the Internet is to search for websites in your city as well as for the Chamber of Commerce
  • Some towns have local professional associations of psychologists. This is an excellent method of finding divorce support. It has been detected that mental health professional facilitate services in such associations at a decreased rate or sometimes even free of charge. Another issue is that such groups may be open to a fixed number of attendees. So, the facilitator interviews the person, who desires admission in this group and then checks if there is any vacancy in the divorce group
  • The number of people experiencing a divorce is increasing day by day. Consequently, clergy persons of various faiths have founded faith based ministries with local houses of worship/ religious worship places or churches. The intention of these groups is to start the process of healing of divorced individuals and assist them to address the anger, hurt, pain and adapt to the changing circumstances
  • The local courthouse is a good source of finding information regarding divorce support groups. The individuals who process the spousal support or child support documents probably have a roster of any divorce support groups that are active in the city. Such a roster comprises of the following data:
    • Main contact
    • Meeting times
    • Is there a permanent meeting venue?
    • Whether the group is for former wives / former husbands / divorced parents / any individual who is coping with the trauma of divorce

Sectors in society to Find Divorce Support

  • Some divorce support groups are led by mental health professionals. Some of these groups plan to meet for six consecutive weeks. They charge a reasonable fee for inclusion in the group and this payment must be done at the end of the first session. The intent of doing so is that the attendees become serious about remaining present at each meeting
  • Certain support groups are psycho-educational in format. Professionals in this field arrange a 12 week program. They charge a regular fee that must be paid in advance for this period. The reason of levying the entire payment at the beginning is that several people are unwilling to commit for 12 weeks
  • A number of divorce support groups have a religious orientation. In such groups, support is offered by two routes
    • Embracing the faith of a specific religion
    • Sharing the experiences with people in similar state
  • There is a concept of self-help divorce support groups. These are either free for all or charge a nominal fee. There is no pre-screening or pre-registration process. Some professionals play the role of speakers in these groups. There is no necessity of any membership commitment

Divorce is a traumatic and bitter experience in the life of a married couple. It is easier to recover the negative effects of separation, often with the support of others. Thus, one should aim to find divorce support options that will help them release from the web of pain and devastation and adapt to the new circumstances in life.

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