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Getting a proper support at times of crisis in life is a major challenge. Seeking a divorce is one of the most painful events that can happen in one's life. The repercussions of ending a marriage is not easy to handle. A strong support system is required to fight such a situation. The most effective and consoling support can be availed from close people in life like friends, family and relatives. Apart from this, there are several ways to deal and cope with the crisis like consulting a divorce coach or a counselor or joining support groups. Off late, online divorce support system has become a hot demand of divorcees.

Online divorce support is a pillar of strength and support system which helps to recover the ill-effects of a divorce. A divorce leads to a sense of loss of a treasured relationship. All sorts of emotions are associated with this event in life like depression, frustration, anger, loneliness, fear, and so on. In this age of Internet, online sources have become the best friends of users. It helps us to scratch information with just a click. Internet is a friend and do act as a healer to the divorced people in a great extent. There are several information, advice, guidelines, processes on divorce that are available online.

Advantages of Online Divorce Support

  • Meet people who have experienced similar situations and pain
  • Share feelings and be moral support to each other
  • Exchange practical advices and useful information regarding divorce
  • Get to know the State Laws regarding divorce
  • Get information and knowledge about divorce, its procedures, laws, etc.
  • Poses questions through chats/blogs or forums and clear queries
  • Helps to re-build self-esteem, confidence and self-worth
  • Makes a future goal and plan to move in life

Examples of Divorce Support- Online

  • One can use the local search engine to connect with people in identical circumstances in the community
  • There are a large number of daily support meetings that are planned across the United States and Canada and one can know about these online

    • The user can type a postal code or city name and thereby locate a divorce support group in the neighborhood
    • Several group meetings are scheduled in a local church


This is the website of "Association of Separated and Divorced Women." It is membership based and a non profit organization in Canada. Women who are separated or divorced can pay a certain fee and avail the services like emotional support groups and tips on enhancing the economical circumstances.


This is an interactive site that offers an online community. On this site, one can find links to international divorce related news. There is a provision to share an online journal where other members can post comments. Professional strategies for coping with divorce are published. Everyday there are some topics for discussion. A user of this site can get instant emotional support from people who are considering or have begun with the process of divorce. It is very easy to join this online community and moreover it is free.


This is an online forum that caters to women in Canada. This is a very efficient way of procuring divorce support while maintaining anonymity. The women share their experiences, questions and stories. If any specific woman is excluded from her community or family, such a woman realizes that she is not the only one in the world on joining this forum. Hence, this woman feels a tremendous sense of relief.


This North American organization is a non profit one. People undergoing a divorce can benefit from counseling sessions and emotional support from this organization. The Changing Family Program is run in Toronto. This program manages workshops for divorced parents and children of divorce.


If a person feels that he / she is under emotional distress, then this person must try to adhere to the recommendations written in this site. Basically, this site intends to empower persons who have been bogged by health challenges. This site can be used to strengthen the body and mind. This is a certain route to attain emotional peace from within the mind.

Ways of Divorce Support through online sources

  • Legal Articles: Several websites publish the latest news in the United States that are related to the legal developments in restraining orders, domestic violence, parental alienation, divorce services, child support, child custody or any other topic pertaining to divorce
  • Legal Video Presentations: Very popular videos related to the above mentioned topics have been posted on many websites
  • Legal Products and Services: Some examples that can be included under this heading are as follows:
    • Prepaid legal plan that can warranty some cost savings on divorce
    • Internet based 'Do It Yourself' Document Kit
    • Ebooks on the above mentioned topics

Divorce is often devastating and finding a support system seems extremely difficult. Online divorce support can be of great help at this time. It is advisable to search options carefully and then avail the help from reliable sites. Few of the above mentioned online support sites can make you feel at ease and find support that best meets your needs.

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