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A divorce marks an end to a relationship. Getting accustomed to the new phase of life is a painful and emotional experience for a divorcee. The sooner one can live with it, the better is the life ahead. Post divorce support can make things little easier to accept and help adapt to the changes in life. It not only takes care of the emotional aspect of divorce to move on in life, but also guides with all sorts of information in the legal and financial front. The support also helps maintain a healthy relationship with the children.

When a person is granted a divorce, the person usually experiences that all his / her friends are gradually deserting him / her. Some of the usual reasons for such a desertion are as follows:

  • In their perspective, you are a threat
  • You are no longer someone filled with fun
  • They belong to the couples-only club
  • They don't wish to take sides
  • They are scared of you

In such circumstances, the person must rebuild post divorce support.

After divorce support advantages

Divorce is a delicate situation in one's life. Dealing with it needs a lot of self-consoling power, maturity and support of others. After divorce support helps a person in:

  • Gaining mental strength
  • Recovering health issues and build better immune system (suffered as a result of separation)
  • Rebuilding self-esteem and confidence
  • Let go the past and move on the road ahead
  • Setting goals in life and ways to achieve them
  • Strengthening the bond with the children, existing family members and friends
  • Being involved in varied activities which bring a positive change in mind
  • Understanding and dealing the legal and financial aspects well

Some avenues for Post Divorce Support

Not only must one find new friends, but must also reconnect to old ones. Building up a good connection with all such friends makes one feel less alone. With the passage of time, you can build a new social network and this rapport would assist you post divorce. In the methods described below, the term "friends" implies old as well as new ones.

  • It is recommended to joint a support group or visit a therapist after divorce. One should understand that this would lighten the burden of losing friends. A renowned CEO has remarked that after divorce the mood of a person is let down for some time. The best solution is to avail professional counseling. Post counseling, the person has better energy to offer to the friends
  • While talking with friends, you must tell them that they are free to retain friendship with your ex. You should never point errors of your ex in front of the friends. Moreover, do not ask for any present information about the ex from friends. Find out other topics that can be discussed with the friends
  • You must try a phone call or email exchange with some family members with whom you have not spoken for some time. This will certainly decrease your solitude
  • You must try to begin new relations with single people around you.You should participate in acts that interest you and comprise of interaction with other people. Some examples of these acts are doing volunteering, taking an exercise class, attending a wine tasting or joining a knitting club. A precept should be followed that at each event you must approach and talk with at least 3 new individuals. This would result in a broadening of your social circle
  • If you reach a conclusion that a particular person would not remain as a friend with you, you should not take the friend's attitude personally, but move on with your life. While moving on, hint the friends that you are available for them and invite them to call you. Then, leave the next step to them. Some of the friends might reject you. In this case, speak with them how you feel of the rejection and assure them that you are not a threat to them. If they were true friends and emotionally intelligent, they would retain companionship with you
  • You may also join online post divorce forums or blogs to share your feelings, thoughts and be moral support to each other. This is a platform where you can receive and provide practical suggestions and tips on how to deal with the situation in life post divorce

Thus, in a nutshell, we may conclude that post divorce support is extremely helpful in getting useful information, advice and tips on how to deal with the new changes in life. It effectively helps you overcome the trauma of the divorce and focus on the issues that are most important involving legal, financial and health issues along with maintaining the parental responsibilities.

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