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Teenage is a crucial phase in a person's life. This is the delicate age when they start understanding the world and its happenings along with a developing physical, psychological, social and cultural growth in them. Studies suggests that children of divorces are more likely to suffer an emotional roller coaster ride, as a result of their parent's separation. Teen divorce support is essential at this point to make them overcome problems and face the reality of life. This support is mainly effective when parents counsel them personally and share a good co-parenting relationship.

Challenges faced by teens

All children and teenagers in particular must be dealt very carefully during a divorce. The reason is that teens are discovering their self-respect and on the verge of embarking relationships. In this age, they are very sensitive to divorce. If the parents do not deal with teenagers properly, these teens might develop unhealthy and distorted views of the parents, of self and of marriage in general.

Getting accustomed to the new arrangement of the parents, dealing with a custodial parent, meeting non-custodial parent at times, seeing parents fight, step-sibling rivalry, facing social issues may bring an overall new change and experiences in their life. A teenager's response to all these changes may be positive or negative. But in ninety percent of cases, the impact of family break-up on teens is devastating giving negative effects to their life. Teens often face a mixed feeling of shock, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness, frustration, hate, disrespect to marriage association, etc., and surpassing them becomes a major challenge for them and the family.

Teen Divorce Support through discussion with parents

  • It has been detected that teens develop an opinion that they are the reason why their parents have divorced. They feel responsible for the divorce to happen and this hinders their emotional growth and harms their self-respect. So, it is most important that parents impress on the minds of the teenagers that the divorce has not taken place due to the teenager
  • Honesty is the perfect method of dealing with a teenager. The parents should speak about the circumstances in which the divorce took place and the grounds of divorce. The parents should make every effort to ascertain that the teenager does not fabricate his / her self ideology pertaining to the divorce
  • The parents must expose the teen to the positive aspects of marriage and relationships. By this way, the parents can make the teenager understand that loving and intimate relations are possible and one can have a wonderful experience with the other sex. Every parent should utter good words full of praise of the other parent while speaking with the teenager. This assists in cultivating healthy relationships post divorce. If one parent declares that the other parent is the reason behind the divorce, the opposite effect takes place
  • Teen Divorce Support means that parents must face the questions of the teen regarding the divorce with a frank and open mind. The reply of some questions of the teenager might be painful for discussion. However, if the parent maintains a candid and honest approach, the teenager can understand why the divorce is taking place and can adapt to the changing circumstances. In such a scenario, the teenager does not fabricate his / her self explanation. Evening walks, board games and family dinners are an ideal place to prop up any queries without experiencing any pressure. Parents can also ask teenagers his / her requirements. However, if the parents force them to respond, then an awkward conversation may result
  • When the parents decide to divorce and break this news, they must convey this news to the adults in the life of the teenager like church leaders, mentors, coaches and teachers. The reason of doing so is that the teen might find some topics very tough to talk with the parents and relatively easier to talk with these adults. Moreover, the adults can monitor the demeanor of the teenager for extreme alterations in personality. Such modifications are warning signs of emotional trouble originating due to the divorce
  • The parents should not make extravagant promises or purchase elaborate gifts for the children. Due to this, the teenager compares the parents and concludes that one of them is better
  • Parents must try to maintain a loving and caring parent-child relationship, as they normally used to do. A sudden change of behavior, being over-friendly or trying to cover up the matter may lead to an artificial way of parenting. Rather, parents should try to be normal and at their real-self.

Effective parenting works the best as a teen divorce support for the teenagers during and post-divorce phase of their parents. Parents should encourage them and provide emotional support together. Both parents should involve themselves in building a better life for their children. It is also the duty of other family members, relatives and friends to cooperate with the teens and their parents. At no point of time, should they involve in talking negative or against parents in front of the children. Effective counseling by professionals or psychiatrist may also help the teens.

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