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Divorce laws and legal proceedings differ from one state to another in USA. Studies reveal that almost 50% of the marriages end up in divorce. To avoid confusion, every state in the USA has laid down various rules of divorce and therefore, divorce tips for each state also vary. For example, divorce tips relevant for California are certainly different from divorce guidelines relevant for Arizona. So, you need to know all the divorce guidelines of the state from where you are filing for the divorce case.Alaska divorce tips are important for residents of Alaska who want divorce from their spouses.

You might think that lawyers and attorneys can educate you well on matters of divorce. So, why read these divorce tips? The answer is that these divorce tips will prepare you for the divorce much before you decide to go to your lawyer. You can sort out the major issues and grounds which will form the basis of your case. Anyone and everyone cannot file for a divorce case. The person who is filing for the case must be a present resident of Alaska. Again if the parties have tied the knot outside Alaska, the spouse against whom the case is filed needs to be a current resident of Alaska.

In order to know factors that may be essential for your case, you must read the Alaska divorce tips as mentioned below:

Some useful Alaska Divorce Tips

  • The child support services agency can maintain a list of obligors who do not substantially comply with the support order of payment schedule. This list is updated on a monthly basis. The information regarding the obligors like names, social security numbers, dates of birth and last known addresses are included in this list. Minimum 60 days prior to the placement of an obligor's name on the list, the agency must have sent a written notice of the arrears to the obligor.

  • The obligor may initiate a motion against the child support services agency if there is a clerical mistake in the administrative order or any mistake due to omission or oversight.

  • If a support order has not been entered by the court and except as per AS 25.25, the obligor or the obligee or the custodian of the obligee can petition the child support services agency regarding an alteration in the administrative funding or responsibility about future periodic support payments.

  • We can take the example of a person who has been served with a notice and finding of financial responsibility. Such a person is entitled to a hearing if this person makes a written request for a hearing and serves this request to the child support services agency by registered mail with request for a return receipt. However, such a request must be made within thirty days of the service date of the notice.

  • The obligor is expected to disburse child support payments to the child support services agency, in case the agency is coercing a duty of child support under AS 25.25 or 25.27.103. If this payment exceeds the sum of money essential to fulfill the obligor's immediate duty of support as per federal and state requirements, the excess portion of the payment is paid back by the agency.

  • The custodial parent or the custodian of a child has a responsibility to confirm that the non- custodial parent, who is obligated to pay child support is disbursing the required amount. However, an agreement can be made between the obligor and the person entitled to receive support on behalf of the obligee to waive past or future child support. It must be kept in mind that such an agreement can be enforced only when the following two conditions are fulfilled.
    • The agreement should be in written form
    • Both the obligor and the person, who is substituting the obligee, must sign the agreement

  • An order for protection that alleges domestic violence is the most abused process. This makes the custody contest very tough. It is important not to lose temper in this issue.

  • One of the important Alaska divorce tips is that the divorcing partners must take photographs of all their real estate and belongings. In this manner, the partner can keep a log of the situation of the house and all property.

  • The divorcing partners must try their level best to keep their children aloof of the divorce procedure. They must never show the children the court documents. There must not be any bad mouthing of the parents about each other in the presence of the children.

We are sure that all these Alaska divorce tips will prove beneficial to you once you decide to opt for a divorce. Educate yourself with these guidelines so that you are prepared with all the essential documents and requirements needed for your case.

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