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Divorce is known as 'dissolution of marriage' in Arizona. Arizona divorce rules differ from divorce rules pertaining to any other state in the United States. A no-fault divorce standard system is prevalent in Arizona. Legal proceedings in court are involved in cases where a "standard" marriage is "irretrievably broken", which means that there are no chances of a union between the two partners. Likewise there are many necessary subtleties centering your divorce. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to know Arizona divorce tips that are listed in this article.

Other than the standard type of marriage that is already mentioned, Arizona also considers another marriage type known as 'covenant marriage'. So, you need to know what type of a marriage is yours so that you can file for a case. The divorce tips mentioned in this article covers significant areas like child support, child custody, property division and alimony.

Some useful Arizona Divorce Tips

  • One of the most important Arizona divorce tips relates to the division of property. The court divides the marital property fairly, unless one partner shows some extraordinary expenditures made by the other partner. Gifts, property owned before marriage or inherited during marriage remain the property of the partner who keeps it.

  • The court might issue a Child Support Arrest Warrant against a person if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • The court ordered the person to appear personally in the court at a particular time and location
    • The person received the actual notice of the above order. This order included a warning that if the person failed to appear, a child support arrest warrant might be issued against him or her.
    • The person did not appear in the court as demanded in the order.

    This warrant might be issued by the court on its own motion or motion of a party.

  • Notwithstanding any other law, formal judgments in written form for spousal support and the related lawyer fees and associated costs are enforceable till full payment is done and are exempt from renewal.

  • If a court or administrative order demands that a parent should procure health insurance coverage of its child then the department or its agent may take the following step. A medical support notice to enroll the child in an insurance program can be delivered by first class mail to the obligated parent's employer.

  • When the obligor is in arrears amounting to 12 months of support or there is a court ordered judgment, the department can order a levy. The amount owed by the obligor can be collected by means of levy on all property and rights to property that are not exempt under state or federal law (Levy means the power to restrain and seize by legal means).

  • Assume that a person is obligated to disburse spousal support as per an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction. Now, when this person has the notice of the order and intentionally and in the absence of lawful excuse does not comply with the terms of the order, then, this person is guilty of class 1 misdemeanor.

  • When any parent of a minor child intentionally does not furnish reasonable support for the the minor child, then, such a parent is guilty of class 6 felony, except when provided under Section 25-501, subsection F.

  • The court might issue an order that a self employed parent, if is expected to make child support payments, should forward an amount equal to maximum 6 months of child support to be held a security by the department. In the future, if there are any missed current child support payments, the department shall release this amount as compensation for the oblige.

  • In court, the divorcing partner should furnish independent documentation and prevent any statements like "he said" or "she said". As an illustration, assume that the husband asserts that he is the primary caretaker of the child while the wife opposes this statement. Then, the husband must bring documents from daycare, doctors and teachers. These documents are needed to prove who accompanies the child to the doctor, remains present at parent-teacher conferences and signs the homework.

  • Arizona divorce tips also include alimony. The court can order for alimony to either party. Sometimes both the spouses agree on this matter and an agreement is made by the court. The alimony is based on the ability of the other partner to pay and it also depends on a number of factors. It is to be mentioned here that alimony is not permanent. If any of the spouses dies or the recipient of the alimony chooses to remarry, the payer of the alimony will stop paying the alimony.

The Arizona divorce tips will help you manage your own affairs. It is better to keep a track of your finances and consult an experienced lawyer. Other than these, take care of your children and prepare them for the changes that are going to affect them very soon.

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