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A divorce can be the most unhappy incident in a man's or woman's life. But sometimes for the well-being of both the partners and their family, couples want divorce so that they can concentrate on their priorities and live life accordingly. When partners decide to get divorced from each other, they are unable to sense the psychological setbacks that they will face after divorce. Along with the support of family and friends, divorced couples need to know certain rules and factors that are deemed necessary for their case(s). Here lies the importance of divorce tips, which will make you understand your case better and get prepared accordingly. Arkansas divorce tips are relevant to the state of Arkansas in the United States.

In Arkansas, a good number of divorce cases are filed on the grounds of general indignities, or the separation of the two partners for more than one and a half-year. You need to prove the grounds in court and also that the incidence has occurred within the last 5 years. Besides grounds, you need to know all other factors related to child support, property division, etc. and a good know-how of Arkansas divorce tips will surely help you a lot.

Some useful Arkansas Divorce Tips

  • Post marriage, the married partners can make a written agreement to revoke or amend the premarital agreement. Such a revocation or amendment is enforceable without consideration.

  • In case of child support, the dates on which the payments shall be made are mentioned on the child support orders. The time of payment generally coincides with the payer's receipt of salary, wages or other income.

  • Along with the order of child support, the court order caters to the health care requirements of the child. This is inclusive of the health insurance of the child if it is available to either parent at reasonable cost.

  • The child support obligation automatically ends by operation of law in the following circumstances:

    • When the child completes 18 years of age or has graduated from high school, whatever occurs later
    • When the child is emancipated by a court of competent jurisdiction
    • The child marries
    • The child dies
    • The parents of the child marry each other

  • The child support amount that remains unpaid and becomes due accrues interest at the rate of 10 percent per annum. An exception to this rule is when the owner of the judgment or the owner's counsel of record makes a request before the accrual of the interest that interest would not be accrued as per the judgment.

  • A lien that has originated in a state other than Arkansas would be given complete credit and faith as is done in case of a lien that has originated in Arkansas.

  • One of the most essential Arkansas divorce tips is that- the Sheriff of the county wherein the divorce papers have been filed should make painstaking attempts to obtain the service of process within ten days from the date on which request of service is done. In the event of failure to do so, the Sheriff should return the service papers to the requesting party and communicate the reasons of non service.

  • The divorcing parties are prohibited from speaking with the Judge or writing any letters to the Judge except when it is a part of the scheduled hearing. Contact with the Judge in the absence of the other party, is not permitted.

  • After a divorcing partner has hired a family lawyer or divorce attorney, such a partner should not communicate with the opposing counsel. If the opposing counsel contacts this partner, such a partner should direct the counsel to his or her divorce attorney.

  • Consider that the gross income of the payer of child support increases by more than 100 USD per month or more than 20 percent. As per the family support chart, this is enough reason to petition the court for alteration of child support after reasonable deductions.

  • The divorcing partners are expected to choose a mediator in the following ways:

    • The Judge offers a list of mediators that satisfy the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission's requirement guidelines for becoming a part of the court connected mediation roster.
    • The mediator may not be present on the list, but might be approved by the Judge.

The information provided in this article is a gist of divorce tips that are useful while dealing with certain circumstances. Many of the Arkansas divorce laws are complicated. A number of steps are to be followed in consultation with your divorce lawyer. But before all these, a resourceful knowledge on Arkansas divorce tips should be gained, and later on discussed with a local divorce attorney.

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