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If you feel not being loved anymore by your wife, end in the middle of your wife's adultery or yourself developing interest in an outsider and has lost respect for your wife- it's time that you rethink about this marriage and decide about a divorce. All the promises of love and togetherness may have lost their meaning for both of you. Now, divorce seems to be the best option. But going through divorce is not easy for a man-it might shatter his world. Before it happens with you, educate yourself with some divorce tips for men that are provided here in this article.

You may have come across divorced men who are disgusted with their lives post-divorce. Either they have let their emotional desires win over logic; or they were unknown of the significant divorce tips that are meant to make one's life smooth and less complicated after divorce. For a quick divorce, you as a husband or father have to take some important steps regarding alimony, retirement funds, child custody, payment of debt, etc.

Don't let your ego ruin the rest of your life. Read the following divorce guidelines that are prepared from a man's point of view and taking into consideration all the issues that a divorced man is likely to face.

Divorce Tips for Men regarding preparation of a divorce

  • The most significant preparation is hiring the services of an efficient lawyer. For this, you should contact several lawyers. It is essential to determine which attorney is working with your best interests in mind. The lawyer must not be reluctant to answer any of your queries.

  • Revoke all joint access to credit and debit cards as well as joint savings and checking accounts. Failure to do so would result in liability towards any new debt brought about by the wife on joint credit cards.

  • The husband must maintain separate records of the economical holdings of both, self and wife. The records are inclusive of land records, IRA's, stocks and bank accounts. These records must be placed in a safety deposit box.

Divorce Tips for Men to be implemented during the divorce

  • The husband must retain a log of the communications with the wife. The date, time and length of the conversation must be recorded.

  • The husband must never become angry. Moreover, if there is any feeling of guilt, it may damage the case.

  • The lawyer of the wife might demand the details of the financial records. The husband must always send photocopies of the original documents. The original documents must be kept in a safe place.

  • Many individuals would provide different advices to the divorcing husband. He must keep the following rule in mind - amateur advice might prove harmful. It is beneficial to take advice from an experienced attorney having a good record.

Advice regarding finding a lawyer

  • The husband must demand the names and addresses and/or phone numbers of the former clients of the prospective lawyer so that the husband gets a feedback about the lawyer from the clients.

  • The husband must ask the lawyer the following questions-
    • For what duration has the person practiced as a lawyer?
    • Out of this duration, what duration was dedicated to domestic relations?
    • Is the lawyer a specialist in the field of divorce?

  • The husband must try for a free consultation over the phone with several prospective lawyers.

  • The husband should know how much money the lawyer would charge, what services would be provided in this fee and then determine whether this suits his budget.

Tips about decreasing the expenditure of the divorce

  • The lawyer charges the husband for the time spent together during meetings with the wife. So, it is necessary to prevent minor arguments with the wife. The husband must speak with his lawyer, the issues that must be discussed and stick to this agenda only.

  • It is essential to prepare a paper on which all assets and debts, that both the divorcing partners share prior to filing for a divorce, are mentioned. Further, this paper must be used while discussing the division of debts and assets with the wife.

  • One must bear in mind that children and the custodial parent would live in the family residence. Such a custodial parent should assume mortgage of this residence. If there is no consensus regarding this issue, then, it is recommended to sell the residence and divide the proceeds.

Being separated from your partner physically, mentally, financially and socially is always better than struggling through a failing marriage. Be patient while going through the legal proceedings. Do fight for your rights as a father if you consider yourself a better parent. The divorce tips for men, if rightly followed will help you in achieving all these and reap greater benefits in the long run.

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