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Are you cheated by your man? Does 'he' make you feel being insignificant? Is your existence as a woman questioned by your husband and in-laws? Are silly things becoming more important than your relationship? If the answer to all these questions is 'yes', probably, you are going through the worst phase of your marital life. If your husband has stopped supporting you emotionally, you must understand that your marriage is over and decide about divorce. But before filing a divorce case, you need to know some essential divorce tips for women that will help you win your case quickly and look forward to your new life forgetting all the past worries.

Divorce can at times be a stressful and frustrating experience for women. To make it less stressful, a woman should always know divorce tips and follow those. Factors causing divorce are not same in all cases. Let's take an example: you are a newly-married woman and the problems that you are facing may be quite different from that faced by an old woman seeking divorce. Legal procedures and other conditions for divorces in case of infidelity will have no match for cases dealing with domestic violence. Knowing the divorce tips for women will surely help you gain some knowledge and insight in your case before you start going to the court.

Divorce Tips for Women regarding documents

  • The wife must review latest financial statements and check the mail. Prior to approaching a lawyer, the wife must be aware of what she and her husband have and what they are lacking. Some of the documents that the wife should file for use during the divorce proceedings are as follows:
    • Wills
    • Insurances
    • Military Records
    • Titles / Deeds
    • Financial Records
    • School Records
    • Adoption Papers
    • Medical Records
    • Shot Records
    • Social Security Cards
    • Birth Certificates

Divorce Tips for Women regarding finance

  • The wife should be sure that she has money that would suffice for 6 months of living costs. Only she should have access to this money. The reason of this tip is that the wife has no idea how her husband would react to the filing of a divorce. So, she should not worry of being deceptive and should prepare the financial aspect.

  • It is beneficial to pay off all the debt. In those cases, where there is a lot of debt, it is advisable to adhere to consumer credit counseling. It must be kept in mind that the wife is responsible for all the debt that is in her name as well as some percentage of the marital debt.

  • The wife must transfer liquid accounts into her name only.

  • It is useful to make copies of all bonds, stocks, insurance policies, bank account numbers, title papers and all remaining financial documents.

  • The wife should try and get a realistic picture of the family residence, like
    • What amount of money is owed on the house?
    • Can she afford to disburse the payments?
    • What is the condition of the following - the foundation, the plumbing, the roof? Does she have income to maintain all of these?

Divorce Tips for becoming Independent

  • Construct a positive affirmation (one of this is outlined below). See yourself in a mirror and frequently repeat it.

    • "I love myself. I am a woman who can offer and contribute to a large degree. Life is very precious. I should make this life rewarding, full and exciting. Nothing is impossible. I have been given courage, character and strength by the Lord. Using all of these, I would strive to live a full life. I am my own person."

  • It is essential to have a refreshing feeling at home. So, one can go for the following:
    • Painting the walls
    • Placing a fresh bouquet of flowers
    • Maintaining personal favorite items in the bedroom
    • Hanging wonderful pieces of art on the walls

  • Any group outing invitation must be responded to. This will lead to social interaction and a chance of meeting people. Socialization helps in forgetting worries which is very much needed at this point of time.

  • The wife should start searching for work or if possible, can return to study.

The divorce tips for women provided on this page have been prepared from a woman's perspective, quite carefully. These guidelines deal with divorce basics that are deemed necessary before, during and after divorce. Be emotionally and financially strong and don't get carried away by emotions and societal norms. Let your willpower win over the emotional trauma that the legal procedure will unfold in the future course of time.

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