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Some fundamental Georgia Divorce Tips

  • The court might include the following orders in a visitation order:
    • If the parent is a perpetrator of family violence, then demand a bond for the safety and return of the child
    • Prohibit overnight visitation
    • The perpetrator of family violence is ordered to disburse a fee in order to settle up the expenses of supervised visitation
    • In case of perpetrators as defined in Article 1A of Chapter 13, these perpetrators are ordered to complete a certified family violence
    • intervention program to the satisfaction of the court
    • The visitation is supervised by another person or agency
    • The exchange of the child must occur in a protected setting

  • If the court concludes that sufficient provision for the security of a child and the parent, who is a victim of family violence, can be arranged, the court might award visitation by a parent who has committed acts of family violence.

  • The parents of a minor child have the right to present an agreement to the court pertaining to all issues about custody of this child. The term custody includes "joint custody" as defined in Section 19-9-6.

  • The court has the authority to order independent medical evaluation or psychological custody evaluation of the family.

  • Consider the custody case of a child who has completed 11 years of age but has not reached 14 years. In this case, the court shall take into account the educational requirements and desires of the child in finalizing which parent should have custody. However, the selection of the child would not be controlling. The court maintains the aim of the best interests of the child.

  • Consider the custody cases in which the child has completed 14 years of age. In these cases, the child has the right to choose the parent with whom the child desires to live. The selection of the child is controlling except when the selected parent is found to be an improper and unfit individual to be awarded custody.

  • It happens that due to the domestic violence by one partner, the other partner relocates or is absent from the residence. Such a relocation or absence for a reasonable span of time is not considered as an abandonment of the child/children while finalizing the custody decision.

  • The court might take one of the following two steps at the sole expense of the petitioning grandparent(s), when the court detects that the grandparent(s) can bear the expenses of visitation in the absence of unreasonable economical hardship.
    • Allocate the issue of visitation rights of a grandparent for mediation
    • Appoint a guardian ad litem for the minor child

  • The following types of property are categorized as community property:
    • Debts incurred during marital life, except when applied to separate property
    • Stock options and other forms of alternative wages
    • All wages earned in marital life and all objects attained with these earnings like boats, furniture, home, cars, etc.

Georgia divorce tips for uncontested divorce:

  • If you are a couple who want to avoid aggression and mental harassment during divorce, you must go for an uncontested divorce in Georgia. Both of you must decide how will you divide your savings, property and pay the marital debt.

  • For child support, you can go through Georgia's official child support guidelines and take mutual decisions. If you are unable to do so, the judge surely solve the matter and you have to abide by his decisions. Regarding child custody, you can go for the child's physical custody where the child will live with you. Again there is legal custody, which specifies that both of the partners are entitled to make decisions regarding child's studies, medical care and so on.

  • If any of the spouses think that he/ she is betrayed of his/ her rights, you can easily take the advice of a family law mediator or even both the parties can hire lawyers to negotiate a settling agreement. Whatever process you choose, remember to lay emphasis on the child's future and not on your own rights.

Every divorce case is different and is marked by its own complexities. To get off on the right foot, you must bear in mind, the Georgia divorce tips and apply this to the fullest possible extent.

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