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Divorce is a lengthy affair that is marked by emotional upheavals in a person's life. Sometimes, a person can escape from the negative effects of divorce within a short time. He/ she begins to live a new life while accepting the harsh facts. At other times, people need much time to cope up with the situations and are hit hard by the consequences. Most people are likely to go through this state and tend to commit mistakes that make the divorce process all the more painful. If you don't want to suffer from all this, you must take some pain to read divorce guidelines that are relevant to your state and case. Kansas divorce tips deal with divorce laws and various aspects of Kansas divorce.

The facts about Kansas divorce that are listed in the bulleted points are a selected few and do not highlight each and every point of Kansas divorce laws.

Some significant Kansas Divorce Tips:

  • Kansas divorce laws demand the divorce filer to be a resident of the state for at least 2 months or 60 days before filing the petition.
  • The state of Kansas is an all property state. It means that property brought or acquired by any partner or both the partners is considered while making a property division. However, while dividing the property, the judge takes into consideration a number of factors like age of the partners, their earning capability, history of the property, etc.
  • Kansas divorce tips also relate to the grounds of divorce. A Kansas filer can file for a divorce on the basis of 3 grounds like:
    • Incompatibility
    • Incompatibility because of mental illness or mental incapacity of any of the partners or both
    • Failure to perform any material marital obligation

Some of the provisions detailed in a permanent parenting plan are as follows:

  • Methods of resolving disputes
  • Transportation
  • Telephone access
  • Relocation of parents
  • Sharing of and access to information pertaining to the child
  • Allocation of parental rights and responsibilities about matters like the welfare, education and health of the child
  • Weekends, inclusive of school in-service days and holidays adjacent to weekends
  • Vacation, birthday and holiday planning
  • Residential schedule

  • Legal Custody is defined as the assignment of responsibilities of parents or any other person playing the role of a parent inclusive of decision making rights and issues like welfare, education and health of the child.

  • If a post decree motion is to be filed or docketed in the district court and this is pertaining to modification of child support, parenting time, visitation rights, residency, legal custody, etc, then it is essential to pay a docket fee to the clerk of the district court.

  • Instead of paying a docket fee in case of the previous point, the other alternative is to file a poverty affidavit as established in K.S.A. 60-2001 and its amendments.

  • Assume a situation in which one parent is entitled to residency of the child or legal custody as per K.S.A. 60-1610. The other parent has been convicted of a crime mentioned in article 34, 35 or 36 of Chapter 21 of Kansas Statutes Annotated. Thus, the child is considered to be a victim of the crime of this other parent. In this case, the custodian parent need not give a notice to the r parent who has committed the crime.

  • Before or after the change in the marital status of the partners, the court might issue orders that the partners and / or their children should undergo an interview with a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist or a trained professional in family counseling. The expenses of this counseling would be taxed to either partner as justice and equity demands.

  • An order denying or granting visitation rights or parenting time may be altered by the court, when such an alteration fulfills the need of the best interests of the child.

  • A parent is sanctioned a reasonable parenting time. However, after a hearing, if the court detects that the parenting time is gravely hampering the emotional, moral, mental and physical health of the child then the parenting time might be altered.

  • The court reserves the right to conduct an interview of minor children in chambers. The intention is that such an interview assists the court in making decisions regarding parenting time, visitation rights, residency and legal custody. Counsel may be allowed by the court to remain present during the interview. The parties have the right to request the court to make a record of the interview as part of record of the case.

  • Depending on the demands of justice and equity, the court may award both parties the costs and lawyer fees. The court might order that the required amount may be disbursed directly to the lawyer.

Armed with Kansas divorce tips, you can fight your battle in a smooth way. Don't take help of any false documents. Be strong and highlight the strong points of your case.

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