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A divorce comes with lots of issues and couples need to understand the seriousness of these issues. This is a tough and big decision which can change many lives at the same time. So, you need to be thoughtful, rational and have a positive outlook towards life. Divorce tips and some simple steps help you stay balanced and think about the future. Proper parental planning, unbiased decisions, taking care of your finances and arranging for all the legal documents are some effective steps. If you are applying for a divorce case in New Mexico, you must read New Mexico divorce tips that encompass a number of important state laws.

Some useful New Mexico Divorce Tips

  • Divorce is also known as dissolution of marriage in New Mexico. For recognizing 'dissolution of marriage', one partner should be a resident of the state for a period of six months before filing for the case and also have a residence in the state. Legal proceedings may be instituted in the county where the plaintiff or the defendant lives.

  • Divorce grounds include fault and no-fault grounds. In the first case, a divorce is granted if the marriage is irretrievably broken. On the other hand, fault grounds include cases of adultery, excessive cruelty, abandonment, etc.

  • New Mexico divorce tips also focus on child custody. It is to be noted that gender of the parent has nothing to do with child custody. To serve the best interests of the child, the court recognizes joint custody. Again the child's time is not necessarily divided equally between the parents. In the similar way, financial responsibilities are not divided equally all the time.

  • A judicial district might have a "supervised visitation program." This is in accordance with local court rules and endorsed by the Supreme Court. This program is run when the court has one of the following opinions:
    • The contact between the child and the parent must be supervised
    • During exchanges of custody, contact or confrontation between the parents must be avoided

    It is possible that the court orders that this program be executed or any parent can request the services of this program.

  • A domestic relations mediation program can be established by a judicial district as per court rules which the Supreme Court can approve. The district court can make a contract with or employ a counselor to offer mediation, evaluations and consultations in domestic relations in those cases that involve children. The Supreme Court approves a sliding fee scale as per, which the parents need to pay the costs of this program.

  • The term "priority consultation" indicates that the court has requested suggestions about temporary arrangements, brief assessment and specific information about the parenting situation.

  • New Mexico acknowledges an act or order pertaining to grandparent visitation that has been issued by any state, district, territory or Indian tribe of the U.S.

  • Assume that a grandparent has been awarded visitation rights of a minor child as per the provisions of the Grandparent's Visitation Privileges Act. Now, the custodian of the child wishes to relocate within the state or depart from the state. This means that the domicile of the child would change. In such a case, the custodian is supposed to perform the following:
    • The grandparent must be given a chance to communicate with the minor child
    • The custodian must give the grandparent an address and telephone number of the minor child
    • Minimum 5 days before the alteration in the domicile, the custodian should convey to the grandparents the intention to alter the domicile of the child

  • When a situation arises in which the district court has finalized that visitation is not in the best interests of the child, the court may allow other reasonable means of contact between the grandparent and the child like mail, telephone etc.

  • Consider that the parental rights of the natural parents are relinquished or they terminate and a stepparent adopts the minor child. In this scenario, the biological grandparents are not prohibited from trying to obtain visitation rights.

  • It is expected that the obligor should offer the following data about dental insurance coverage or health insurance coverage to the department:
    • Name, address and tax identification number of the employer
    • Effective period of coverage
    • If the obligor has offered dental insurance coverage or health insurance coverage to other people, then, their names and tax identification numbers are required.
    • Name, address and identifying number of health insurance coverage or dental insurance coverage
    • Type of coverage (single or family)
    • Obligor's name and tax identification number

It is really difficult to face the emotional struggle that comes with a divorce. These New Mexico divorce tips will make you rational, strong and focused to pass through this stage easily without taking much stress.

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