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The term 'Divorce' has become popular in today's competitive world. Earlier life was simple devoid of human complexities. Modern life problems like divorce is the direct outcome of these chaos and confusion. However, sometimes a divorce comes as the only option to live life peacefully. So, if you are on the verge of taking a divorce, take some time to know important divorce guidelines that will help you in making wise decisions. Oklahoma divorce tips prove beneficial for persons who are seeking divorce in Oklahoma. Below mentioned is a set of significant Oklahoma advices that will be useful in your hour of need.

Some significant Oklahoma Divorce Tips

  • For residency requirement, any of the spouses need to have established residence for a period of 6 months prior to filing for the case. This is also same for any US army stationed in the state. The case is filed in the county where the plaintiff resides and he/she needs to live there at least for 30 days before the filing date.

  • While discussing Oklahoma divorce tips, we should make mention of the grounds for divorce. Oklahoma court allows no-fault divorce only when the marriage is broken down due to incompatibility between the partners. In addition to this, no spouse has done anything to break the marriage contract.

    Divorces on fault grounds are accepted in case of any of the following:

    • Adultery
    • Abandonment for 1 year
    • Extreme cruelty
    • Insanity for five years
    • Imprisonment
    • Impotency
    • If the wife was pregnant by another man at the time of marriage and the present husband was unaware of it
    • Habitual drunkenness
    • Any fraud involved in the marriage

  • During a hearing that is related to the support of a child, the district court might find proof regarding the following:
    • The obligor is in non-compliance with the support order
    • The obligor is licensed by a licensing board

    In this case, the court might do the following:

    • Take any enforcement action
    • Revoke or suspend the license of the obligor
    • Place the obligor on probation

  • An obligor who has disbursed all due support and fulfilled all the provisions of the support order is free to file a motion in the court to reinstate his or her licenses. This motion is then set for hearing. The court confirms that all the support has been paid completely and the obligor has fulfilled all the provisions of the support order, and only then, the court may finalize the reinstatement of the licenses of the obligor.

  • At times, the obligor might be a licensed lawyer. Then, the court might report this fact to the State Bar Association with a view that the Association might take one or both of the following actions:
    • An appropriate action as per the rules of professional conduct and disciplinary proceedings
    • Revocation or suspension of the professional license of the obligor

  • The Legislature has detected and has announced that child support is a fundamental legal right of the parents and children. Fathers and mothers have a legal obligation to offer economical support to the children. Child support payments have considerable impact on state welfare expenses and child poverty.

  • A court or administrative order can set an arrearage payment schedule. This schedule must not exceed 3 years, except when imposition of such a schedule would be inappropriate, unreasonable, inequitable or unjust in the given scenario or not in the best interests of the child. If this payment schedule exceeds 3 years, particular facts that endorse such a decision are stated.

  • A child support judgment would not be considered dormant for any reason. However, it cannot be considered as a lien upon real property after 5 years have passed from the date on which it is filed of record of the county clerk in the county wherein the property is situated, except when the judgment lien is extended.

  • A report of child support payments and a certificate of authenticity that has been issued by the court clerk can be presented as proof in an administrative proceeding or in court as self authenticated.

  • After the complete value of the arrearage is paid, a lien can be released.

  • If a former spouse has voluntary cohabitation with a member of the opposite sex, this is a ground to alter provisions of the final judgment or issue orders for alimony as support.

  • It is very much possible to procure alimony from the other partner without having a divorce. Such an action is executed in the district court for any of the reasons for which divorce might be awarded.

Although, these Oklahoma divorce tips do not cover each and every subtlety of a divorce case, but you can get an idea of how your case is going to be. Hiring a professional attorney is extremely important if you want to win your case.

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