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Every divorce process is known for its complexity and high expenses required for completion of all legal formalities. However, several divorce processes have proven to be a cheap. Cheap divorce processes are more suitable for the case where both the spouses are jointly interested in departing from each other. As a result, the uncontested cases can successfully result into low cost of this legal process.

The concept of quick and cheap divorces has been welcomed by many people due to the following reasons:

  • Can be completed in few days
  • The expenses are a fraction of the expenditure for US divorces

Practically, there are limited ways to obtain recognized quick cheap divorces. Nations like the Dominican Republic, Guam and Mexico offer such a divorce. In the US, some law firms have been established that cater to this sort of divorce. These provide divorce packages that are inclusive of legal fees, hotel stay and flight tickets.

Quick Cheap Divorce in the Dominican Republic

This country has altered its Divorce Law with the intention of allowing foreigners to procure a quick and cheap divorce in its courts within one day. There are no residency requirements for the same. However, the following requisites are checked in this country:

  • Whether the ground of divorce is by mutual agreement?
  • Whether at least one of the divorcing partners has personally traveled to this country to prove presence in its court?
  • Assume that one of the divorcing partners has not traveled to this country. Then, this partner must be represented by a special power of attorney. This lawyer must authorize a representative to be present in the court in the Dominican Republic to express the approval for the divorce.
  • Eventually, both the divorcing partners must accede and approve to the jurisdiction of the court in this country

In case both the divorcing partners have taken the power of attorney at the Dominican Consulate, it is sufficient if they stay for one night in this nation. The judge reviews the divorce papers and awards a final decree of divorce to the individuals. This procedure is usually completed by noon. Within a couple of weeks from this date, the divorcing partners are dispatched the divorce paperwork by courier.

Quick Cheap Divorce in the US

Several states in the US acknowledge foreign divorces as per the principle of fairness. The only condition is that both divorcing partners must have completely consented to the divorce. However, certain states regard foreign divorces as null and void. Prior to embarking on the route of such foreign divorces, the divorcing couple must take the advice of a legal counsel in their county.

Some divorcing couples find it more suitable to apply for divorce in the US. These people should find means for a quick divorce in their area of residence. Although the laws for divorce change from one state to another, some common guidelines also exist. As an example, if the divorcing couple is living separately and apart for at least one year, this is very conducive for procuring a quick divorce. Other helpful factors are that the divorce is uncontested and there is no conflict regarding marital issues such as child custody, and property or debt distribution etc.

Quick Cheap Divorce in Mexico

This type of divorce can be obtained in Mexico on one condition. One of the divorcing partners must be a legal resident of this country. Many people might have heard that this nation is the place for a quick and cheap divorce, but this is a fact of the past. In 1971, the divorce law in this nation was altered and reserved for legal residents only.

Crucial tips for getting a quick cheap divorce

The divorcing spouses may get their quick cheap divorce by following some definite ways. Some of the effective ways are:

  • Consult a cheap divorce lawyer: There are several instances in particular divorce case where you and your spouse may definitely require the assistance of an attorney. In order to reduce the total cost of your legal process, you can always contact the referrals for collecting information about cheap divorce lawyers.
  • Consult other professionals like a mediator: Your consultation with other professionals such as mediators can immensely help you resolve all marital issues with your partner. These professionals help in negotiating the matter in an efficient manner without charging too much.
  • Obtain legal papers on-line: You can also manage to have all legal papers from the Internet and fill it in accordance with the guidelines provided in the same section. This action can actually prevent you from paying expensive attorneys.

The quick cheap divorce in US can be obtained through several ways such as consulting a cheap lawyer, and obtaining legal papers from the Internet. Overall, such process results into successful termination of marriage without too much expenses.

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