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Knowing the basics of divorce and applying this knowledge is essential while fighting your divorce. When you are preparing for your divorce, you might tend to take wrong decisions, which are guided by emotions and not rationality. Divorce is a life-changing decision; you should pay much attention to each and every detail that will affect your life post-divorce. For a smooth and successful divorce, you should know some divorce laws and guidelines that will also help you take the right decision. The state of Wyoming ranks in the top five for the highest divorce rates in the nation. Wyoming divorce tips present an overview of Wyoming divorce laws and make you aware of some situations that you might pass through.

Some General Wyoming Divorce Guidelines:

  • The plaintiff must be a resident of Wyoming for at least a period of two months prior the filing date, or the marriage must have happened in the state and the plaintiff must be living there since marriage.

  • Regarding child custody, the court takes the ultimate decision that serves the best interest of the child/ children. Generally the court does not make decisions considering gender.

  • When a no-fault divorce is filed, the spouses must show that their marriage is broken due to irreconcilable differences. A divorce case based on fault grounds is granted to one spouse when it is proved that his/ her partner is insane and has been admitted to a mental institution for a period of at least three years before the filing date.

Some useful Wyoming Divorce Tips

  • A grandparent reserves the right to initiate an action for establishment of reasonable visitation rights to the child. During the hearing, assume that the court reaches the following results:
    • Visitation is in the best interests of the child
    • Due to visitation, the rights of the parents of the child are not considerably impacted

    In such a situation, the court awards reasonable visitation rights to the grandparent.

  • If there are disputes regarding the below mentioned points, a stay is obtained on the service of the petition:
    • The identity of the alleged obligor, who has been mentioned in the income withholding order, or
    • The amount of arrearage or current support

  • The obligor is free to file a petition with the intention of having a stay on service of the income withholding order. This petition must be filed within 20 days from the date of service of the notice of delinquency. This petition comprises of the following information:
    • Name of the obligor
    • Social Security Number of the obligor
    • Address of the obligor
    • Name of the Employer
    • Address of the Employer

  • Consider that the following happenings have taken place:
    • The court has granted the application by the obligee for income withholding, or
    • The obligor has become delinquent as described in subsection (b) or section 20-6-208

    Within 15 days of the occurrence of the above, the court clerk must send a notice to the obligor. The only exception is when the income withholding order has become immediately effective.

  • The income withholding order comprises of the following data:
    • The social security numbers and addresses of the obligor and obligee
    • A statement that this order is immediately effective or will become effective as mentioned in W.S. 20-6-205(a)(ii) or (iii)
    • An order to the payer to comply with all the terms of the notice to the payer and all the notices that would be served in the future by the clerk to the payer
    • An order to the payer to withhold and remit income to the clerk that is due from the payer to the obligor

  • If an obligor has an arrearage regarding child support obligation, the relevant department can petition the court to issue orders about restriction, suspension or withholding of any fishing, hunting, occupational or professional permit, certificate or license that has been issued to the obligor.

  • Assume that an obligor has complied with all the terms of an order of the court. Alternatively, the obligor has accepted a payment plan that has been endorsed by the relevant department. In such circumstances, the department or the court shall immediately send a notice to the permitting, certifying or licensing agency regarding lifting of the restriction, suspension or withholding of the permit, certificate or license. However, the obligor must be otherwise eligible for this task.

  • Due to non-payment of child support, the driving privileges of a person might be suspended. However, such a person might be awarded limited driving privileges for a duration not more than 120 days.

Wyoming divorce tips do not encompass all the state laws pertaining to divorce. You should consult a professional lawyer who will competently analyze legal issues to you while realizing your concerns and requirements. Knowing the divorce tips given in this article will also help you to understand whether the advocate is creating a conflict of interests or directing your case in the right manner or not.

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