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When a divorcing couple is on the lookout for divorce lawyers, they may ask acquaintances, friends or family members who have personal experience regarding the lawyers. Alternatively, they can take the help of local bar associations or research on-line. While selecting the divorce attorney, the prospective client must consider the education, total experience, courtroom experience, philosophy, case management, and fees of the specific attorney. The divorce attorneys handle various topics like child custody, child support, alimony, visitation, property division, retirement benefits etc. Divorce attorneys often recommend marriage counseling (to save the marriage) or mediation services. In mediation, one attorney acts as a neutral person between the spouses and tries his level best that the couple would resolve their issues without going to court.

Tips to hire the right divorce lawyer

  • Get references: The best way to find a divorce attorney would be to get references from your friends and close relatives. When they recommend any attorney to you, make sure that you find out whether the attorney has specialized in family law and divorce cases. Get their feedback about the attorney and ask them about the fees of the attorney as well. You can even refer divorce website that provide contact details of divorce attorneys in your locality. Even the State Bar Council would provide a list of divorce attorneys in your locality
  • Get review from previous clients: Even though you must have got all the references through your well-wisher, it is vital to get reviews from some clients of these lawyers. You can get details of previous clients from the lawyer's office. You can talk to previous clients get feedback from them. Make sure that you note down positive and negative aspects of these attorneys, so that it helps you to choose the best attorney
  • Previous experience of the lawyer: It is important the lawyer has expertise of handling divorce case like yours. It proves helpful if the attorney has already handled similar cases and knows the factors that would prove crucial during the case. One should not resist getting details about the previous cases of the attorney, as future of their case depends upon choosing the right divorce lawyer
  • Fees: You should not shy away from discussing fees with the attorney. Because by not discussing about fees with the attorney, you may have to later bear financial losses. You need to find out whether the attorney will charge on hourly basis or some fixed amount. After finalizing the fees to be paid, you must sign the fee agreement. When you call the attorneys for the initial consultation, you need ask them whether they charge for initial consultation
  • Comfort level and communication: It is important for the attorney and the client to have good communication. The client needs to provide all the vital details related to the case to the attorney. Mentioning any fake data would just hamper your case further. You and your attorney need to have a good comfort level and there should be no communication gap. Even the attorney needs to take efforts to explain intricate legal laws to their clients

How to manage fees of divorce lawyers?

  • Discussing the fees and signing an agreement: To cut short the financial losses during the divorce process, one needs to discuss and finalize the fees with the lawyer. For uncontested divorce cases, the lawyers may charge a fixed amount of fees but for contested divorce most lawyers would charge on hourly basis. One needs to even pay certain amount of deposit. Hence, discussing all these details and signing an agreement is important
  • Choosing an attorney with right experience: To get financial benefit one may think about opting for any of the cheap divorce lawyers. One must first check if the lawyer has relevant experience before hiring him or her. It is important to check that you do not have to pay more later on by choosing a lawyer that asks for lesser fees

The divorce lawyers need to be aware about various amendments made to the divorce law. It is job of the lawyer to understand the factors that would affect their client case. The previous experience of the attorneys in handling similar kind of cases proves helpful to handle the new cases. Hence, it is important to hire a divorce attorney, who has the experience of handling similar kind of cases. One need to communicate all the details related to the case with the lawyer. Even the lawyer is responsible for providing all the legal detail to their clients.

Here are some of the tips for you to choose a divorce attorney:

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