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Notion regarding cheap divorce lawyer

The term "Cheap divorce lawyer" makes the listener think that this lawyer is no good at work. However, it must be believed that there are a plethora of divorce lawyers who are perfect in their work and yet work at a lower rate. So, it is recommended that it is essential to eliminate the fear of this term by gathering relevant data regarding the prospective lawyer before hiring services. One should collect information regarding the credentials, experience and more importantly the references. It would be useful if one arranges a meeting with the lawyer and discusses what the lawyer feels about your case. The client can ask the lawyer if he or she has handled cases in the past similar to the existing one and what was the outcome of those cases. A reliable source of information is the local bar association. Here, one can determine if the prospective lawyer has a good standing.

A skillful lawyer is a cheap divorce lawyer

When a client hires a lawyer, the lawyer offers a contract in which the amount and occasions of payment are mentioned. Some lawyers have a Flat Fee structure which indicates that a specific amount of money is charged by a lawyer irrespective of the number of hours worked on the case. Other lawyers have an Hourly Fee structure which means that the amount of money to be paid is more if the number of hours worked are more.

At the outset, it seems that cheap divorce lawyers charge a flat fee. However, it must be kept in mind that the truth may be different. If one hires a lawyer who levies a small hourly rate, however is not conversant with the local court and / or the divorce law, then this lawyer may require more hours to solve the case as compared to an adept lawyer with slightly high rate. It is worth consideration as to who would prove as the eventual cheap divorce lawyer. Also, it should not happen that as compared to the money saved in the lawyer's fees the money lost due to loss in marital assets is more. In a nutshell, a skillful lawyer would finally become the cheap one.

Advice to decrease the lawyer's fees

  • During the course of the case, if the client has any documents or evidence relevant to the case, the client must be prompt in offering these to the lawyer. Due to this, the lawyer need not contact the client or anybody else to collect that information. If the lawyer or the paralegal tracks down the information by self, then the client will be charged for every minute invested in this process

  • Whenever the client thinks of some questions or queries regarding the case, these must be written on paper. These papers must be used while discussing the case with the lawyer. Due to this, there is no need for the client to remember what was to be asked and consequently, the billable hours are reduced

  • The documents which are to be filed in the court must be personally delivered so that the exorbitant courier service fees are prevented

  • The venue of the case and the office of the lawyer must be close to each other. This results in reduction of billable hours and travel expenditure.

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