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A decision to get divorced fills one's mind with several questions as well as insecurities. A divorcing person goes through emotional and financial turmoil. To answer question related to legal laws related to divorce and get appropriate guidance, one needs a good divorce lawyer. When a man is getting divorced, he needs the guidance of a lawyer to know his rights. Divorce is not just about getting separated from your wife; there are several other factors for a man to deal with such as alimony, child custody, child support, visitation rights, and property division. It is important to secure the financial assets that are shared by both the spouses. The divorce lawyers for men would help their client in dealing with all the issues related to divorce and getting the final decree.

As the role of both the parent has become important in the child's upbringing, most of the men want to take responsibility of their children even after divorce. A man needs guidance to secure his financial and property assets, understand how to treat his wife during the divorce process, know about the alimony law etc. It is the job of the divorce attorney to resolve all the queries of their client.

When a man is considering divorce, his mind is full of queries like -

  • Is it important who files for divorce first?
  • Do I have to move out of the marital house?
  • How will the property division, support, and child custody issues take shape?

In order to get the answers to such queries and to devise a plan to accomplish the short and long term intentions, the man should approach a divorce lawyer for men.

Issues handled by divorce lawyers for men

There are many law firms that are made up of dedicated and highly qualified divorce lawyers that represent only men. Some of the situations handled by these lawyers are as follows -

  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Visitation and parenting time
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Child custody
  • Alimony
  • Property settlement
  • Post-judgment modifications
  • Divorces

Foundation of ADAM by divorce lawyers for men

In 1988, ADAM (American Divorce Association for Men) was founded with the philosophy of uncompromising, diligent, and aggressive representation of men in divorce cases. So far, the skilled and compassionate divorce lawyers of this organization have assisted clients in a plethora of trials and mediations.

It has been observed that in everyday lives, children require both parents. Along with time, the number of men who are reluctant to only play the role of weekend dad is increasing. These men simply do not wish to be confined to only writing a check. ADAM supports such men and ensures that the rights of these men within the framework of law are completely secured.

The lawyers of ADAM boast of knowing the law, knowing the opposite party's lawyer, and knowing the judge. So, they claim that they can attain results for their men clients that the others may be unable to produce.

Advice for men by divorce lawyers


  • In front of the children, respect your wife. Failing to perform these recommendations would send a wrong message to the children and would trouble you as well
  • Attempt to solve your problems with your ex-wife. If jointly the problem cannot be solved, then approach a lawyer to determine the lawful actions that you should take
  • Be prompt in the collection of criminal child support through the court
  • Show love and give attention to the children to the extent they deserve
  • Ensure that your children understand that they are not the cause of divorce
  • If your ex-wife owes you money, do not use this as a reason to stop the children from meeting their mother
  • The visitation hours or child support payments must not be used as a weapon against the ex-wife
  • During the settlement process, your children must not be used as a negotiating ploy
  • If a piece of furniture is worth 150 USD, then while fighting for it ensure that the lawyer's fees do not exceed this amount

The divorce lawyers for men understand the insecurities of their client and help to provide appropriate guidance as per the intricate aspects of their client's case. The attorneys know about the factors that the court would consider while making decisions related alimony, child custody and support, asset and liabilities division etc. Hence, they are able to provide apt service to their clients. Before finalizing the attorney, all the aspects of the case should be discussed with the attorney. One should get all the answers to questions lingering in their mind and make sure they are comfortable and have good communication with the lawyer they are appointing.

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