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Divorce can be an emotionally and financially draining process for both men and women. There would be several issues such as emotional pressure of the family member, the worry about losing the child's custody, managing financial losses etc. A divorcing woman needs the apt guidance of an attorney who has knowledge and experience about representing female clients during divorce cases. The attorney should have knowledge about factors that would affect the case and help their client get their rights. Divorce lawyers for woman should be proficient in explaining legal laws to their clients and understanding the complexity of their case. It is important for the attorney and the client to have good communication.

When a woman searches for a lawyer, the initial step is to inquire with acquaintances, friends or family members. The state bar council can also provide the details of divorce attorneys in the nearby region or county. The woman will benefit due to the personal experiences of these people. It is of utmost importance that the lawyer has experience of handling divorce cases. Although, credentials are useful, handling a case is all about education and experience. Understanding legal laws is difficult for layman. A divorcing woman needs somebody, who can explain the various aspects of divorce laws to her.

During the course of a divorce case, a woman is obviously emotionally very upset. While working with the lawyer, if the divorcing woman finds out about the lawyer's lack of capacity to communicate properly, then it will enhance her frustration. To avoid such a situation, the woman must ask for an introductory meeting for which no fees are charged. During this meeting, the divorcing woman must try to find out whether she can work along with the lawyer.

Preparation for the first meeting with divorce lawyers for women

The divorcing woman must jot down all the questions that arise in her mind. She should carry this list of questions with her when she meets the lawyer for the first time. Some of the questions are noted below-

  • Would the case be handled personally by the lawyer or by a paralegal or by a clerk?
  • How much time would be approximately required to solve the case?
  • By which method (hour, project, and retainer) would the lawyer charge for the services?
  • What procedure the lawyer would use to handle the situation?
  • How much percent of the lawyer's practice comes under the region to expertise her case needs?
  • What is the number of cases that the lawyer has handled, which were similar to her case?
  • What assistance does the lawyer requires from her for evaluation of her situation?
  • Whether some other people would be involved in the proceedings and can she meet them?

The divorcing woman must keep in mind that all questions related to legitimate and she reserves the right of procuring the answers to all of them.

Duties of the divorce lawyers for woman

  • Understand the client's case and file the divorce paper under correct divorce grounds. The client would not understand the different grounds for divorce and the importance of filing the case under appropriate ground. It is the job of the attorney to explain these details to their client
  • It is the duty of the attorney to help their client ask for the right amount of alimony they deserve and assist them to get the specified alimony. In cheating, adultery or physical abuses cases, the attorney should make sure that the court is aware about these factors and accordingly rightful alimony should be given to their clients
  • Most woman would like to have the custody of their children or even if the divorcing couple are agreeing upon joint custody. It is the responsibility of the attorney to make sure that their client is not misled
  • When the custody of the children is provided to the mother, it is important that she receives appropriate amount of child support for the proper education, development, housing etc of the children. The attorney should assist the client to aptly guide their client and introduce factors to the court that would help the client get rightful child support
  • The division of property, assets, and liabilities may cause a tiff between the divorcing couple during the divorce proceedings, it is the job of the attorney to make sure that their client is not mislead and get their rightful part of property and assets

The divorce lawyers for woman need to be aware about the various factors that would help their client to get their rights. The attorney must be proficient in handling such cases and aware about various issues that might turn up during the proceedings of such cases.

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