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The person filing for divorce would have several queries about divorce process. They might even need counseling before they opt for a divorce. Hence, it important to choose an appropriate lawyer, who can discuss their case and provide appropriate resolution to them. Once the person filing the divorce is sure that he or she needs to get a divorce, then the lawyer can further represent them during the divorce process. A layman is not able to understand the legal terms related to divorce and therefore, it is the duty of the divorce attorney to explain all such details to their client. The Illinois divorce lawyers need to have complete understanding about the divorce related laws in this state.

One can speak with a family attorney regarding their doubts related to divorce, before actually consulting a divorce lawyer. Even there are toll free numbers, where one can call for consultation related to divorce. After the free consultation, the lawyer may advise an in-depth consultation during which the applicant may discuss the matters with an experienced professional. Depending upon the personal need of the case, the firm would allocate a lawyer for the applicant's case. It is essential for the Illinois divorce lawyers to understand the intricacy of their client's case.

The Grounds of divorce that are handled by the Illinois divorce lawyers are as follows:

No fault divorce: If the reason for divorce is irreversible differences, then the divorcing couple can file a no fault divorce. The separation period is between six months to two years.

Fault divorce: There are various grounds that are included under fault divorce that are handled by the divorce attorneys. The grounds for divorce included under fault divorce are as follows:

  • Adultery
  • Addiction to alcohol for the period of two years
  • Abandonment for the period of at least one year
  • Substance abuse
  • One spouse threatening the life of other spouse
  • Bigamy
  • Emotional or physical abuse of one spouse by the other
  • Impotency
  • Causing venereal diseases to the spouse
  • Felony or cruelty conviction

Reasons for altering an Illinois divorce lawyer

It is a common sight in the state that divorce applicants change their lawyer in the middle of the case. This happens due to 2 reasons

  • Often people hire the first lawyer they meet. If the lawyer is a general practitioner, he or she is not completely prepared to face the complexities of a complicated divorce.
  • Some people hire a divorce specialist, but realize that the attorney is unable to understand the case and is failing to prioritize their intent

Irrespective of the stage of the case, if the lawyer is not able to deliver the results as per the client's expectations, it is always profitable to change the lawyer in the long run.

Procedure of hiring a new Illinois divorce lawyer

When a client calls a new lawyer to take up the case and inform him that the old lawyer has to be removed, then the new lawyer carries out following actions free of cost.

  • Making a call to the old lawyer to let him know that he has been removed from the case
  • Getting the final bill from the old lawyer and ensuring that the client has not been cheated
  • Assigning a new team of legal assistants to work on the case immediately

The new lawyer notifies the old lawyer to turn over the file. Also, the new lawyer has to get introduced to the judge and the spouse's lawyer. At court, the change of attorney's procedure has to be processed. Then, the lawyer has to discuss the case file with the client and ensure that the strengths and weaknesses of the case are explained in detail. All these procedures are generally executed at no charge to the client. The further representation in court is charged fees.

Hiring single lawyer

As per the law in this state, a single lawyer cannot represent both the parties in a divorce case. If one spouse informs the other that his or her lawyer would represent both, then this it is a trap. The reason is that the job of the lawyer of one spouse is to assist his client and not the other partner. Those who do not have a lawyer should not work with the other partner's lawyer.

The Illinois divorce lawyers need to take time to understand the divorce case of their clients and accordingly provide them guidance throughout the divorce proceedings. There are several documents that need to be filled and submitted in the court, the divorce lawyer looks after the paper work of their clients.

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