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It is difficult for an individual to represent himself or herself in the divorce court, if the other party is represented by an experienced divorce lawyer. The divorcing person might plan to find a good divorce attorney, but find the right attorney is a difficult task. There are several aspects of your divorce case that you need to discuss with the attorney, so that he or she can thoroughly understand your divorce case. The Iowa divorce lawyers would possess good understanding about divorce case, but it is essential for the client to discuss his or her case with the attorney and choose the attorney who can best understand their case.

Areas of work of Iowa divorce lawyer

  • Legal separation
  • Temporary hearings
  • Post judgment modification
  • Alimony, maintenance or spousal support
  • Paternity
  • Visitation and placement
  • Child support modification
  • Collection of child support
  • Contempt and enforcement proceedings
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Divorce

Grounds for divorce

As per the divorce law in the state, if the marital relationship has suffered breakdown to such an extent that the legitimate objects of matrimony have been destroyed and the possibility that the marital status can be maintained does not exist, then the divorce may be granted.

Sample questions to ask to the Iowa divorce lawyer

  • How can I feel assured that I would obtain my alimony, child support, visitation etc?
  • What is the amount of spousal support I should offer to pay (or request for)?
  • The applicant should describe what he or she expects from the divorce and then ask if it is this possible? If not, then why? What are the problems that I would face to procure what I want?
  • Would I have to pay my spouse attorney's fee?
  • What would be the total expenditure of the divorce?
  • What is the estimate of the fees that you would charge?
  • What would be the duration of the lawsuit?
  • What would be the happenings step by step?

Importance of a written agreement

One should never hire a lawyer by relying on an oral agreement as this causes several misunderstandings. The applicant should read the Fee Agreement, also called as the Retainer Agreement, to ensure that all the terms and clauses in it are understood.

Have an active participation

In a divorce, the applicant's life and future is at stake, not the lawyer's. So, if an applicant has hired a lawyer, this does not mean that the applicant has no job left at all to perform. The applicant should try to understand the law and legal processes. He or she must ask questions to the lawyer regarding whatever is ambiguous in their mind. The ultimate decisions must be taken by the applicant and not by the lawyer regarding how to proceed in the case.

Lawyer's fees

A family lawyer generally charges his client on an hourly basis. So, the client must have a keen eye on the bill. If the lawyer provides a bill titled as "Fees for services rendered", then the client must not accept it. The client must demand for a detailed monthly billing statement and read it meticulously. The client must bring to the notice of the lawyer any error that is found or any charge that is not understood.

Some lawyers are found attempting "unbundled legal services" which is a new form of practice. In this case, the client files his own legal papers and the lawyer offers the client legal advise. These lawyers charge the client for the legal advise that they provide as per the client needs. Mostly such charges are made on an hourly basis. In this way, the lawyers support the client in the mediation.

How to choose an appropriate divorce lawyer?

  • Get details about divorce lawyers from well-wishers. You can even find contact details about lawyers through online divorce websites. Call the lawyer and set an appointment with the lawyer
  • Explain your case to the lawyer and find out, whether the attorney is able to understand your case. If you have children, then ask the lawyer whether he or she has work experience in handling child custody issues. It is important to discuss all the divorce related issues with the prospective divorce lawyer
  • Before you meet the lawyer find out, whether there are any charges for initial meeting. Discuss the fees with the lawyer then sign a fee agreement

The Iowa divorce lawyers need to keep track of their clients divorce case and guide them in all other issues related to divorce. The divorcing person needs to understand the importance of apt divorce attorney to represent him or her.

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