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The divorce lawyers in Michigan would have thorough understanding about different legal aspects of divorce. The most important task for a divorcing person would be to find an intelligent and proficient divorce lawyer to handle his or her divorce case. The divorcing person needs to meet several people, discuss the problems in the marriage, and attend several counseling session before opting for a divorce. Several Michigan divorce lawyers would be suggested by friends and close relatives, but it important to choose the most appropriate divorce attorney who has complete understanding about the various aspects of your divorce case.

How to select the right Michigan divorce lawyer?

  • Most lawyers do general practice and possess experience in handling various types of cases. However, one should select a lawyer, who concentrates on family law and is adept at divorce, support, and custody issues
  • Preferably, the lawyer should have robust relations with the family court judges, other lawyers active in this field, the Bar Association, the Friend of the Court office, and staffs and clerks at the court
  • There are some lawyers who have massive experience. They retain strong ties with the staff at the court. One should find out information regarding a specific law firm from this angle
  • The lawyer should care about your family and try to keep this tough procedure as civil as possible and safeguard the children from the negative facets
  • The lawyer must be willing to assist the client in any post-judgment problems that would arise after the case is over
  • The fee arrangement of the lawyer must be within the client's budget
  • Some lawyers work only 30 hours in a week and have a part-time typist. However, the client must lookout for a lawyer who has staff to assist the clients throughout the day. Some lawyers have a hotline through which they are available for 24 hours in a day

Documents to be shown to the Michigan divorce lawyer

The lawyers of either party seek the following documents from the divorcing partners -

  • Previous three pay stubs
  • Actual income of spouse
  • Any other household income
  • Income tax returns for the previous three years
  • Educational and employment history of both the partners
  • All data regarding the pensions of the partners
  • Relevant data regarding the jewelry, valuable collections, art work of both the partners
  • Following information of real estate holdings -
    • Purchase date and price
    • Current value
    • Mortgage balance
    • Form of ownership from the property deed
  • Savings and checking account information -
    • Account numbers
    • Bank's name
    • Data regarding bonds and stocks inclusive of retirement accounts like IRA and 401 (k)
  • Information regarding current custodial sharing of minor children, special needs of children, extracurricular activities, tutors and school information

Trials in this state

When the 2 parties fail to negotiate a settlement, a trial is scheduled by the court. During the trial, the parties and the lawyers must be present in the court. They have to present their proofs and testimonies that support their positions. Depending on the circumstances, the trial may last for a few hours or a few days. At the end of the trial, the family court judge gives his say regarding the disputed issues. The judge's opinion is either given verbally or in writing. Further, the judge directs one of the lawyers to draft a "Judgment of Divorce" that includes the provisions and terms as per the opinion of the judge. This judgment is reviewed by both parties and their lawyers and then signed by the judge. After the signature of the family court judge on the Judgment of Divorce, it is understood that the marriage is officially dissolved.

The acceptable divorce grounds handled by the Michigan divorce lawyers:

The acceptable ground for divorce in this state is irreconcilable differences. The divorcing couple can get a no-fault divorce and do not need to mention any fault grounds to get a divorce in this state. The fault grounds are only considered during child custody or property division issues. During the trail for such issues it is the duty of the divorce attorney to provide appropriate guidance to their client.

The Michigan divorce lawyers would definitely possess knowledge about divorce laws in this state. But it is important to choose the divorce attorney who can best represent you during the divorce process. As the acceptable grounds for divorce in this state is irreconcilable differences, the divorcing couple need the assistance of the divorce attorney for legal documentation process or to assist them during the trials related to property distribution and child custody.

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