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The divorce lawyer that one chooses to represent them during the divorce trials should be able to understand and act on the intricacies of the case. Hence, it becomes vital to choose an appropriate divorce lawyer from various New Mexico divorce lawyers that one meets for initial consultation.

Grounds of divorce handled by New Mexico divorce lawyers

In this state, divorce is granted on either no-fault or fault grounds. There is only 1 no-fault reason which is incompatibility due to conflicts and discord of personalities and no reasonable hope of reconciliation. The fault reasons are as follows-

  • Incompatibility
  • Infidelity
  • Inhuman and cruel treatment
  • Desertion

In case the spouses do not live together and are permanently separated, then as per the law of this state, either spouse, without asking for dissolution of marriage, may start proceedings for maintenance, support, child custody, and property division. For minimum 6 months prior to the date of filing for legal separation, one of the spouses must have been a resident of New Mexico and must have a home in New Mexico.

Types of cases handled by New Mexico divorce lawyers

  • Divorce taxation
  • Military divorce
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Divorce and marital dissolution
  • Modifications to support stipulations and other post-divorce matters
  • Relocations

Complex divorces

It has been observed that in this state, divorces become complex and needs litigation for one of the following two reasons

  • Dispute regarding complicated asset division
  • Child custody dispute

Often, disputes regarding asset division are complex, when they involve ownership of businesses. Frequently, huge amounts of property and money are involved. Such a case can be very combative and the lawyer must be very skillful to acquire the desired outcome. Some of the unique assets which have to be managed are -

  • Vintage or classic cars
  • Art and antique collections
  • Timeshares and other real estate
  • Race horses

In case of child custody, it may happen that one partner desires to stay in New Mexico while the other partner wishes to move out of the state. Then, there is a risk that one partner might never see the child again. Such challenges make the case very complicated.

Rights of grandparents

Grandparents are an important element in the lives of grandchildren. A divorce between the parents brings this relation in danger. It is a usual experience that while undergoing a divorce, the parents lose sight of the importance of their children's relation with the grandparents. However, lawyer's have full knowledge of the rights of grandparents. Grandparents have child visitation agreements.

Military divorces

The approach for a standard divorce and a military divorce is different. The background is that armed services personnel are offered government rights and benefits. These benefits are inclusive of commissary benefits, retirement benefits, medical benefits etc. The law firm approached by the spouse must be confident to deal with these benefits in case of aspects like spousal support, child support and property division. The military divorces are governed by Federal as well as New Mexico laws.

Basically, there are 2 paths by which divorce cases can be solved. The first is mediation which is the method of least resistance. An amicable solution is reached by the lawyer after discussion with the spouses. The second is litigation when the spouses are not able to come to a consensus.

Things to consider before hiring a lawyer

  • Total experience of the lawyer: It is essential to hire a divorce attorney, who possesses experience in handling divorce cases. If the attorney possess right amount of experience, then only he or she would be able to provide you appropriate guidance.
  • Fees: Most clients find it difficult to discuss fees with the attorney. But it is important that you discuss it beforehand, so that later on you do not have to bear any extra financial burden. The divorce attorney may charge for the initial consultation as well. So you need to be aware about the fee structure of the attorney that you would hire.
  • Client's feedback: You need to get in touch with your attorney's previous divorce clients and get feedback from them. In case, you do not have the contact details of your attorney's previous clients, then you should get them from your attorney's office.
  • Communication: When problems arise between the attorney and the client, then the major issue found in most of the cases is less communication. It is vital for the client to communicate with the attorney as well as it is the duty of the attorney to provide regular updates to the client.

The New Mexico divorce lawyers would be chosen by several clients to assist them during their divorce case. One needs to appropriately judge the attorney before hiring him or her to handle the case.

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