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The legal divorce laws are difficult to understand for layman. Therefore, when a person thinks of getting a divorce from his or her partner, they need a good divorce lawyer. One can get information related to divorce filing and further document submission, but handling other issues such as child custody, spousal support, property division etc. can be difficult for a divorcing person. Plan your time well and conduct initial counseling meeting with several South Dakota divorce lawyers to understand the intricacies of your case. Finally, select the divorce attorney, who you feel is best for the job.

Laws to be observed by South Dakota divorce lawyer

  • The complaint for divorce can be filed in the county in which either spouse resides
  • The applicant can be a member of armed forces
  • At the time when the petition is filed, the applicant who files for the divorce must be a resident of the state
  • After the date of filing, there exists a waiting period of 60 days after which the divorce may be granted
  • The defendant is legally empowered to transfer the case to the county where the defendant resides
  • The 2 important documents are as follows-
    • Complaint of divorce
    • Decree of divorce
  • Some of the other documents that are essential are as follows-
    • Notice of final hearing
    • Financial affidavit
    • Affidavit of proof for stipulated judgment
    • Marital settlement agreement
    • Verification
  • The income shares model is used to calculate child support as per the laws of this state
  • The child custody can be joint or sole. The best interests of the children are kept in mind while solving the child custody problem
  • Depending on the case, alimony can be awarded on temporary or permanent basis
  • The court offers both spouses a time span of thirty days within which they have to finalize whether they desire dissolution of marriage or legal separation
  • After the divorce is filed, the name of the wife can be restored to her name prior to marriage or her maiden name
  • The court distributes the property on an equitable basis and it is considered whether the wife or the husband is the titular head of any such property

Annulment laws to be followed by South Dakota divorce lawyer

An annulment is the termination of an existing unlawful marriage. In South Dakota, annulments are infrequently observed. After getting annulment, both the spouses can remarry. The laws regarding this issue are as follows-

  • If one of the spouse is undergoing complete or partial mental illness, then this is a valid annulment ground
  • If the spouse has been misrepresented to procure your consent or the spouse has tricked you into a marriage, then one can file for annulment
  • Marriage that have taken place between blood relatives (for example, uncle-niece, mother-son, grandmother-grandson, father-daughter) are invalid and may be annulled
  • As per the marriage laws of this state, an individual should be single at the time of marriage. Thus, bigamy or polygamy is not allowed

Grounds for divorce

Fault divorce grounds:

  • In case the marriage is hampered by habitual intemperance and the other spouse cannot any longer bear this
  • Companionship and love are the basis of a marriage. If there is willful neglect from one spouse, then there is a lack of the above mentioned traits
  • If any of the spouses is involved in crimes like robbery, murder etc.
  • Willful desertion by one of the spouses
  • Verbal or physical abuse by one or both partners
  • Some individuals do not wish to live with their spouse as the spouse has been involved in a sexual relation with a paramour

No-fault divorce grounds:

  • If there are irreconcilable differences which cannot be bridged

Property division and South Dakota divorce lawyers

The property division in the state takes place in equitable distribution manner. In case of fault or fraud done by any of the partners then the court will consider important factors related to property of the divorcing couple. It is the duty of the divorce attorney to appropriately guide their client during property division.

The divorcing person has enough financial and emotional turmoil to deal with. Making mistakes during divorce proceedings can add to already existing problems of the divorcing person. Hence, selecting an appropriate divorce attorney is important. The South Dakota divorce lawyers will definitely proficient to understand your case and aptly guide you. It is utmost important select the appropriate attorney.

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