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Do it yourself is a type of divorce that is obtained by preparing and submitting the documents by yourself. This type of dissolution do not involve any kind of complicated legal procedures and contested cases in the court. There are several legal clinics in the United States that offer Divorce Do It Yourself Service. Procuring a separation through the assistance of these legal clinics is very easy and economical. Prior to approaching this option, both the divorcing partners must accede with one another regarding all terms of the divorce like child custody, property division, debt division etc. The court case must be essentially simple. Those partners who have distributed their marital property by discussing together, who have few debts and who have been separated for a considerable duration can take advantage of these offers.

Reasons for Procuring A Divorce through Do-it-yourself Service

It is often seen that a dissolution of marriage proves as a source of financial and emotional problem for both the spouses. Mental problems like frustration and depression can hardly be avoided as they cause due to the breaking of relationship. But, financial problems like excessive fees of the lawyers, court fees, fees of applications can be reduced by the use of alternative legal procedures. Many a times, a couple find it difficult to survive after getting separated, because the savings has been lost in the process of contested case. So, obtaining a divorce decree through this alternative is the best option available. By opting for this, considerable amount of money is saved which can be used later to start a new life. Also, The involvement of lawyers and the legal system in the process is minimal.

The legal clinic offering this service, assists the divorcing couple to conclude if their case can be categorized as a simple one. If the case has extensive property or debts and complicated scenarios, then an alternative solution is not advisable.

Functions of Divorce Do It Yourself Service

  • Preparation of all the relevant documents and the related copies for cases without children and those without children.
  • Offering detailed written instructions and step by step procedures to the Plaintiff.
  • Answering any questions that the Plaintiff may have.
  • If the court case does not involve children and is relatively simple, the legal clinics handle such a case through the mail and over the telephone. For providing this, the clinic levies an additional fee
  • Sometimes the divorcing couple has several queries regarding the marital issues. They can ask these at the legal clinics and obtain detailed advice (like their legal rights etc).
  • When a Plaintiff calls the legal clinic and schedules an appointment, the clinic mails a questionnaire to the Plaintiff. It is expected that the Plaintiff completes this questionnaire and carries it along with him / her to the appointment.
  • To have the legal data regarding all state laws and concerned provisions. The residency requirements differ in all states. So, it is necessary to provide the accurate information to the Plaintiff.

Responsibilities of Plaintiff after taking Divorce Do It Yourself Service

  • Procuring the signature of the Defendant on the form that contains the Defendant's consent to proceed with the case.
  • Filing the various documents in the court.
  • Assume that the divorcing couple has minor child or children. Then, as per the rules of their state they may be expected to attend a parenting class and / or an orientation class. Once the Plaintiff files the papers, he / she is given a case number. As soon as possible, the divorcing couple must attend these classes.
  • It is not compulsory that both divorcing partners must attend these classes together. They may do it separately. In most of the states, after the divorcing couple has attended these classes, the route to the finalization of the is clear.
  • After detailed legal advice from an expert clinic, the Plaintiff must sort out the issues related to the termination of marriage with the defendant and attempt to reach a mutually acceptable solution. It is the responsibility of the petitioner to take precautions while approaching the legal services. Some clinics may be just a fraud. Approaching such options, may result in the wastage of time and money. So, it is necessary to check the validity and reputation for such clinics.

Therefore, the divorce by do-it-yourself service can be beneficial in most cases of dissolution of marriage. They are suitable for the mutual types like collaborative solutions or no-fault proceedings. Even, the mediated processes can use this way to obtain a final decree.

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