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Fundamental Do It Yourself Divorce Papers

  • Petition for Divorce: Due to this form, the court establishes jurisdiction over the divorce
  • Financial Affidavit: The divorcing partners can place their financial agreement in the court
  • Notice of Hearing: The family court clerk or the Judges clerk plans a date and time on which the judge may hear the case. Then, a Notice of Hearing is filed
  • Answer and Affidavit: If this form is filed and in it the Defendant recognizes the validity of the Do It Yourself Divorce, then this Defendant may remain absent at the hearing. However, the Plaintiff must enquire whether such a rule exists in the particular state
  • Certificate of Corroborating Witness: This form is used to ascertain that the Plaintiff has resided in the particular state for a period that makes him / her eligible to file a divorce
  • Settlement Agreement: In this document, the conditions of the divorce are detailed
  • Divorce Judgment or Decree: When the judge decides to finalize the divorce, he / she signs this document. The divorcing partners must procure a certified copy of this document from the court

Do It Yourself Divorce Papers regarding Service by Publication

CAO is an abbreviation for Court Assistance Office.

  • CAO 2-3 Affidavit of Mailing per Order to Serve by Publication
  • CAO 1-1A Summons by Publication
  • CAO 1-8 Order for Service
  • CAO 1-7 Motion and Affidavit for Service by Publication
  • CAO Instruction # 8 Service by Publication

Do It Yourself Divorce Forms regarding Fee Waiver

  • CAO 1-1-10B Order for Fee Waiver
  • CAO 1-10A Motion and Affidavit for Fee Waiver
  • CAO Instruction # 7 Filing for Fee Waiver

Do It Yourself Divorce Forms about Child Custody

  • CAO 13-7 Order for Custody, Visitation and Support
  • CAO 2-2 Affidavit of Service, or
  • CAO 2-1B Acknowledgement of Service
  • CAO 6-3 Parenting Plan
  • CAO 1-14 Child Support Transmittal Form
  • CAO 1-12 or CAO 1-13 Child Support Worksheet
  • CAO 1-11 Affidavit Verifying Income
  • CAO 1-1B Summons
  • CAO 13-5 Instruction # 3A Filing for Custody

When the Plaintiff is finalizing custody by default, the following are essential in addition to the above.

  • CAO 7-2 Default
  • CAO 7-1 Motion and Affidavit for Default

When the Plaintiff is finalizing custody after an agreement amongst the divorcing partners, one more form is necessary.

  • CAO 6-9 Sworn Stipulation for Entry of Order
  • Do It Yourself Divorce Forms pertaining to Enforcement

    For registration of a Child Custody Order

    • CAO 5-3 Request for Hearing on Registration of a Child Custody Determination
    • CAO 5-2 Application for Registration of a Child Custody Determination
    • CAO 5-1 Notice of Registration of a Child Custody Determination
    • CAO Instruction #16 Enforcing a Foreign Custody Decree

    Motion for Partial Judgment in a Sum Certain

    • CAO 5-8 Affidavit of Service
    • CAO 5-7 Partial Sum Certain Judgment
    • CAO 5-6 Notice of Hearing on Motion for Entry of Partial Judgment
    • CAO 5-5 Motion and Affidavit for Partial Judgment in a Sum Certain
    • CAO Instruction #19 Partial Judgment / Enforcing and Existing Court Order
    When filing a divorce all by yourself, one should make sure that they file the right paper work and fill the same as per the requirements of the state. A little mistake in filing might lead to re-filing the documents which might further delay the process of divorce.

    A do it yourself divorce is not recommended if the people involved in marriage are looking for a quick divorce. It is also not recommended if there are minor children involved, if it is a non-contested divorce or when there are a lot of complications pertaining the distribution of property, bad debts or if there is a bankruptcy filed by any of the spouses. In such cases the need of a professional lawyer arises, who can help you, channelize your problems in the right direction and give appropriate verdict.

    This type of divorce usually works in an agreed divorce case, which is less complicated and both the spouses are in agreement of the term and conditions of the divorce. People who do not wish to spend on lawyer's fees can definitely opt for a do it yourself divorce. The law has made the process quite simple and one need not know a lot about the laws in order to do a divorce all on your own.

    There are some states that are not in favor of a do it yourself divorce. In such cases one should hire a lawyer to make things go easy and have a hassle free and less time consuming divorce. Going for a divorce is a very private decision and it is advisable that one thinks about its consequences and effects before taking this drastic step of dissolving your marriage.

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