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A do-it yourself divorce is an alternative that can serve as a cheaper and simpler option for many divorcing couples. These divorces involve no cost for the attorneys and lawyers that carry out the divorce procedure in the court. Instead, a process for do-it-yourself divorce starts from filling the downloaded forms, and submitting it in the court. However, it is essential that the partners reach an agreement to sort issues like property division, alimony and child custody. There are two options to get a divorce by do-it -yourself method. The spouses can approach the legal clinics and take advantage of the services provided by them. Otherwise, Do-it-yourself divorce software can be used for this purpose.

Online Do It Yourself Divorce Software

The software is available for the obtaining an online divorce. The process of filing for divorce by using online software is as follows:

  • The software program asks questions to the user.
  • It is expected that the user should type in answers to the questions.
  • The software program completes the paperwork on the basis of the answers.
  • The user must print the paperwork generated by the software.
  • The user must notarize the paperwork and file it in the court.

This method is slightly quicker than the usual do it yourself divorce process as the software generates the paperwork faster.

An Example of Do It Yourself Divorce Software

When a user starts working on the software, they get the following details:

  • Instructions regarding collection, organization and entry of information in a divorce form. This would further result in saving of money through legal processes.
  • Interactive spreadsheets that comprise of in-built software that facilitate the following:
    • Calculation of multiple possibilities for a property settlement by means of "What-if" analysis
    • Promotion of a better realization of parenting and economical issues
    • Revision and amendment of entries concerning the divorce process
    • Customization of the complete data
    • Decrease in the money and time required to be spent with a legal professional

    One of the software so produced comprises of the following files.

  • Instructions.pdf: This is a text document that comprises of all the relevant data on how to use the spreadsheet file, and preparing the materials for the divorce.
  • Worksheets.xls: This is a Microsoft Excel file and contains the below mentioned worksheets:
    • Budget / Cash Flow Forms: This assists the divorcing partners to schedule a responsible financial management for the days to come. One can structure support for two households.
    • Parenting Plan Worksheets: This enables to make Holiday arrangements as well as structure monthly / weekly / daily schedules.
    • An Inventory of Assets and Liabilities: This software facilitates the following:
      • Entry of vital data regarding the debts and holdings of both partners
      • Quick computation of values
      • Impact the entries with tax figures wherever they are essential
      • When the divorcing partners desire to negotiate a property settlement, the software displays several options that offer a base for sound decision making.
    • A Client Information Page: The divorcing partners can enter personal information that is necessary to file a divorce petition. This may include personal details, identifications, professional details and marital fault details.

Disadvantages of Do It Yourself Divorce Software

  • Sometimes a software is written for a national audience. However, the local requirements alter from one county to another and from year to year. Also, the state laws may have specific requirements that are not available in this software. Users expect that the service that is available should be tailor-made for the local requirements. But, here the software fails to satisfy the audience.
  • The software is less frequently endorsed by a lawyer.
  • While using the software the following problems might arise
    • The spouse might wish to alter the language of the papers and the software might not permit this action.
    • The judge might remark that there is a certain problem in the papers. Then, whom should the user approach?
    • The user might have certain query while using the software. However, who would solve the query?

    Thus along with the advantages, the software may create some problems also. It is advisable that one should use this facility after studying the legal requirements and documentations that are necessary for a divorce case. Also, legal help can be obtained to determine whether a particular case can be solved by using a software or otherwise. This can reduce the problems mentioned above.

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