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A good divorce is marked by the following features.

  • Both the partners emerge out of the divorce proceedings with a reasonable ability to resolve their conflicts on their own or with the intermittent help of a mediator
  • Both the partners wish the other partner a good future. Each partner supports their children to abide by the other partner's lifestyle or adjust with the new mate
  • There is effective communication between the two partners. Their mode of communication is helpful for cooperative parenting
  • There exists some basic trust between the partners. If there is any conflict, one partner gives the benefit of doubt to the other
  • The father as well as the mother has a feeling that the settlement they reached was fair for both. None of them feel that they are victimized by the divorce procedure or by their ex-spouse. There are no dramatic or glaring differences between the couple
  • After the divorce is complete, both have attained a respectful place in society. Alternatively, they have created a network of friends. One more aspect is that both have started to date or have found a new partner

A good divorce is possible in case of couples, who maintain minimum contact with the court system and/or the divorce lawyers. Such couples are not willing to surrender the control of their divorce process to the adversary system. On the contrary, they desire to maintain control over it themselves. These partners are successful in management of their strong feelings. They ensure that their actions would not impair their future lives.

In case of any divorce, loneliness, fear of loss, anger and sadness cannot be prevented. However, bitterness towards one another is not a mandatory effect of any divorce. Now, it is essential to understand that a decision to divorce does not essentially give rise to bitterness. On the other hand, the adversarial procedure is responsible for this feeling. The divorcing partners feel terrorized and debased by the other partner's attorney. This results in anger and consequently, a poisoning of the relationship between the two partners. Further, mutual trust and cordial communication becomes impossible. In order to ensure a good divorce, the above mentioned sequence of events must be avoided.

Each couple, on the verge of a divorce, must maintain this thought in their mind that they can ensure a good divorce. For this, they have to successfully negotiate a post divorce arrangement, so that they and their children can have a smooth transition from married to divorced life. This arrangement is drafted in the form of 'divorce agreement' or 'settlement agreement.' This comprises of a description of the mutual rights and responsibilities of both the parties as well as a resolution of all the disputable issues. In a nutshell, it is a blueprint of the future life of the family.

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