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A good divorce lawyer is that who -

  • Has specialization in divorce law
  • Is experienced in divorce law
  • Has undergone continuing legal education courses related to divorce law
  • Has the relevant certification in divorce law (only when it is available to that state)
  • Can get along well with you

Now, the question arises that how can a client find out the above listed information about a lawyer. This has been answered below.

Finding Good Divorce Lawyers

  • The first method is that the client must ring up the local court-house to find out data regarding which judges oversee divorce cases. The next step is to establish contact with the clerks of these judges. The client must ask these clerks for the timings of the imminent hearings. Now, the client needs to attend these hearings. While observing the lawyers in action, the client can decide which lawyers impress him/her. The last step is to approach the bailiff or clerk and find out the names and addresses of these lawyers

  • The second method is to approach the bar associations. Here, one can gather data regarding the names and addresses of the local divorce specialists. It must be known that there are many levels of these bar associations. These are ABA (American Bar Association), state bar associations and local bar associations. Usually, the state bar association determines, which lawyers are permitted to practice law in the specific state and hence, it has maximum power over the lawyers. Moreover, the state BA takes steps like disciplining and disbarring lawyers. The local BA are generally more educational and social in nature

  • The third method is to concentrate on the state bar association. The client must ring up this association and enquire whether the specific state awards specialized certification for divorce attorneys. Different states call this certification by varying names as follows
    • Divorce Law
    • Matrimonial Law
    • Domestic Law
    • Family Law

    Now, the client must request the association to provide a roster of the specialist lawyers. Sometimes, this association has special sections called as Domestic Law, Family Law etc. In such a case, the client must obtain a list of the lawyers in his/her area, who are a part of such special bar sections

Selection of Good Divorce Lawyers

After the previous step is completed, the client has a list of divorce lawyers ready with him/her. From this list, the client must select minimum 5 names. Then, he/she should arrange a consultation with each of these.

During the consultations, the client must make known the different options available with each lawyer regarding the case. He/She must gain information about how each attorney would handle the case. The client must take into account the question that with, which lawyer he/she has felt maximum comfort during the talk. Lastly, it is essential to compare the rates of these lawyers.

A good divorce lawyer is the one, who can provide a reply to all the client's queries regarding local divorce laws and various issues of divorce like child custody laws etc. The lawyer must be able to provide valuable data regarding divorce.

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