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Divorce is an unfortunate event which is faced by many across the country; willingly or unwillingly. There are certain aspects which you need to decide while pursuing divorce. The foremost aspect is the decision regarding hiring the services of a lawyer who can represent you and your interests in the court of law. However, every state in the United States of America permits individuals to obtain or file for divorce without the services of an attorney. The primary procedure regarding the query about how to file for divorce is the filing of papers. Every state in United States has a similar process of filing these papers without the aid of any lawyers. Let us now look at the steps involved in the procedure for filing divorce papers.

Step by Step Procedures for How To File Your Own Divorce

Step 1

Petition for Divorce Papers The first step for filing divorce is to obtain the petition for it. You need to check with the court clerk in the area of you residence for this form and its formalities. The court clerks have a array of forms required for individuals who seek to obtain divorce without the presence of an attorney.

Step 2

The clerk will guide you with instructions for filing the form. You need to follow these guidelines for completing the form of divorce petition. The form has necessities such as your basic information. This is inclusive of the date of wedding and the present addresses of your spouse as well as you. Additionally, the form needs data regarding the birth of any child during marriage which includes their names and locations of birth along with the birth dates.

Step 3

Once the form is duly filled, the next step is to sign it in front of some public notary. This is necessary to maintain its legality.

Step 4

The final step of the process is to go back to the court and meet the clerk for formally filing the divorce petition. For doing this, you need the complete the divorce form to be provided to some authorized staff member of the court. You also need to pay the fee for filing divorce at this time.

Once these formalities are complete, the court will decide a date for the hearing. You need to be present on this date for the judgment regarding your divorce. The judge questions the individual filing the divorce and instructs him or her accordingly for the further steps to be taken.

Warnings and Tips

There are numerous reasons why people need to file for divorce. Moreover, there are various reasons why they do not opt for the services of an attorney and do this activity themselves. One such aspect is the cost. However, you need to understand that there are numerous organizations spread across the nation for providing legal representation for no cost whatsoever. These organizations are maintained by American Bar Association.

One more important aspect to know is that the form for divorce needs to be filled duly. Remember to not leave any section devoid of information. Although individuals have right for pursuing the divorce themselves without any legal aid, the court will hold you at the same standard as any legal professional.

As mentioned earlier, saving money is the foremost concern when someone opts to file for divorce on his or her own. However, you need to have time for researching the laws pertaining to divorce in your state of residence and gather all the important documentation regarding the same. You need to follow the court proceedings and appear for all the dates as prescribed by the court. Additionally, you need to possess the temperament needed for dealing with the emotional highs and lows during this process along with reaching a consensus with your spouse about the proceedings.

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