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The topic of 'divorce' is disliked by everybody. However, due to irreconcilable differences, the partners conclude that the only solution is to apply for divorce. Let us consider that one partner has filed for divorce. If there is love between the partners, the finalization of the divorce can be prevented. One must bear in mind that it is never very late to make some efforts regarding 'how to stop a divorce' and thereby save a marriage.

Methods regarding how to stop a divorce

  • The respondent (i.e. who is served the petition) is in need of the cooperation of the petitioner (i.e. who has submitted the petition) to stop the divorce process. For this, the respondent must attempt to determine the precise cause regarding why the petitioner has filed for divorce. Further, the respondent must devise satisfactory solutions for all the reasons of the filing. Now, the respondent must explain all the solutions to the petitioner and point out how the marriage can be saved

  • Both the partners must understand that they are equally responsible if they want their relationship to prosper. So, both of them should speak with each other regarding the causes of filing divorce papers. Each of them should take complete responsibility for their faults. This step can be pride-crushing, humbling and difficult. However, both the partners should keep their ego aside and execute this step with a greater aim of stopping the divorce

  • The respondent can request the petitioner to put the divorce case on hold. Both the partners can then try to reconcile their differences for a better future. If the reconciliation is successful, then the respondent can further request the petitioner to close the case completely. The respondent should tell the petitioner that if the reconciliation fails, the money and effort invested while filing the petition would not be wasted

  • The respondent can make a call to the court and request for a postponement. The court would allocate a new hearing date. Thus, the respondent would get more time to convince the petitioner about reconciliation

  • If all the above methods fail, the partners should attend the divorce hearing. During this hearing, the respondent can make a request for mediation. Due to this, the petitioner would be flattered and he/she would feel that the respondent is fighting to save the marriage. Mediation is an opportunity for both partners to express and make known their true feelings about all issues. The partners can remind each other about the reasons why they had decided to make a lifelong commitment prior to their marriage. These memories might play a role in reconciliation

  • The next option is that the respondent can tell his/her lawyer to request couple's counseling. During counseling, the partners must exhibit willingness to shoulder responsibility of their choices and must be loving, honest and candid. The respondent must state that he/she is ready to alter the circumstances that were responsible for damaging their relationship. These attempts might alter the mind of the petitioner

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