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Couple getting divorce may be staying in two different countries and opting for an international divorce may prove to be the best option for them. Today the world has become a small place; the couple may get married in one country, then stay in another country and finally think about getting divorced when they are staying in some other country. Even though globalization has brought the world together, the divorce laws in every country vary. In the United States, the divorce laws differ in the states as well as in the counties. Hence, when a couple stays in different countries they prefer opting for an international divorce.

When a married couple in the U.S. thinks about getting divorced, they would look for a local divorce lawyer who has thorough understanding about the legal divorce laws in their county. It is essential for the divorcing partners to fulfill the residency requirements and obey the waiting period as per the court orders. For couples staying in different countries, it is difficult to fulfill all the rules related to divorce in any county or state. The people opting for such divorce need to get assistance from law firm that deal with international divorce. Such firms have thorough knowledge about managing such divorces. The team at such firms would first understand the divorce case of their clients then provide correct guidelines after doing adequate amount of research. The lawyers consider the assets of their clients in multiple jurisdictions, residency issues, residency of more than one country or concerns related child custody.

One of the reasons why people opt for international divorces is to safeguard their privacy. The US divorce documents are dispatched to any US resident, if he/she is interested in the information. The documents are a public record. For example, banks may demand these documents. On the other hand, people having an international divorce have some amount of control regarding who is viewing those documents.

Another reason is the duration essential to obtain a divorce. In the US, couples have to wait for several months after which, the judge grants the divorce. Also, the terms of the divorce are decided by the judge. In this scenario, an international divorce is a viable and fast option that does not have the above mentioned drawbacks.

Some of the hurdles in the road of international divorce are as follows:

  • If the spouses are presently residing in different nations, it becomes impossible to fulfill residency requirements
  • The individuals seeking separation might lack money to travel from one country to another for attending the trial on court dates
  • If any individual is a military member, he/she might not get time off work for this sort of travel

The solution to problems akin to the above is an 'offshore divorce.' This is the quickest and easiest method to terminate a marriage. The procedure of this sort of divorce is as follows.

  • The person seeking an global divorce must establish contact with a reputable law firm that specializes in this sort of separation
  • On the basis of the circumstances of this person, the law firm would suggest a country wherein the divorce would take place. Some of the options are Guam, Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • The person must discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a divorce in each of the above countries with his/her separation lawyer
  • After the person selects a country wherein the divorce would take place, the law firm informs this person of the relevant documents essential for the divorce
  • It is the responsibility of the law firm to arrange the court date and hint the person about the following points
    • When the person should arrive in this nation
    • When the person would be divorce
    • The person must reside in this country for what duration
  • Depending on the services of the law firm, airfare may or may not be arranged for the person
  • The person needs to hire a business service for issues like accommodation, ground transportation and other details. In 2009, these issues were solved for 2,000 to 5,000 USD
  • In an offshore separation, only one spouse is required to travel to the nation wherein the divorce hearing would take place

One needs to understand the various aspects related to international divorce before opting for one. It is important to get information about such divorce through various sources. It is vital to understand the pros and cons of such divorce. One can get more information about such divorce from law firms that handle international divorce cases. It is vital that divorcing person discuss their case with the lawyer and understand the international divorce laws before he or she opts for it.

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