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To end a marriage legally, one needs to opt for divorce. The legal divorce process can be financially and emotionally stressful for both the divorcing partners. International divorce comes in picture, when both the divorcing partners are staying in two different countries or if they own properties in different countries or if there are several complications in their case. When a person thinks of getting divorced, the first thing that would come to their mind is that he or she needs a good divorce lawyer to represent them. When the divorcing people think about filing an international divorce he or she needs a divorce lawyer, who has thorough knowledge about international divorce laws. The lawyer should know about various aspects that would affect the case results. Before choosing a lawyer, the divorcing person should meet the international divorce lawyers that may be suggested by well-wishers. It would prove beneficial, if the intricacies of the case are discusses by the lawyer and client, before they decide to would work together.

There is a need of experienced international divorce attorneys due to the following reasons.

  • If the two spouses reside in different countries, then the divorce case is a very complex one
  • When the spouses have children and/or property, the complications become multifold

The recommended method to search such lawyers is the Internet (i.e. by using search engines).

Types of divorces handled by International Divorce Lawyers

Void divorces

One partner obtains a divorce in a country other than the USA and does not notify his/her spouse. This type of divorce is not enforced or recognized in the USA

Practical recognition divorces

One partner is not capable of challenging the validity of the foreign judgment and under these circumstances, the challenge would be unfair

Ex-Parte divorces

One spouse files for divorce in a country wherein he/she is physically present and the other spouse is absent in this country.However, the other spouse has been intimated formally about the divorce process.

Bilateral divorces

One of the following is true.

  • Both the partners are present in the nation in which the divorce case hearing is taking place
  • One partner himself/herself along with the local divorce lawyer of the other partner are physically present in the country wherein the hearing is occurring

Popular countries for International Divorce Lawyers

The following countries are the most usual jurisdictions for international divorces.

  • Mexico
  • Haiti
  • Guam
  • Dominican Republic

People generally approach the above mentioned nations to obtain an overnight or long weekend divorce. Some individuals aim to get a relatively painless and quick uncontested divorce at these places.

In the Dominican Republic, the citizens of this country who are residing abroad as well as foreigners can file a divorce in Dominican courts. The hearing prevails for about 30 minutes and one of the spouses must be present during this hearing. Within 10 to 15 days from the date of the hearing, the divorce decree is given.

Steps taken by International Divorce Attorneys in Child Custody cases

If one spouse takes his/her children overseas, the spouse residing in the US cannot observe frequent visitation. Thus, the parental rights of this spouse are denied. This spouse along with his/her attorney can use some strategies to fight international child custody conflicts. Some of these are as follows:

  • The spouse can file felony charges. Further, he/she can request to lawyer to make an application for a federal UFAP (unlawful flight to avoid prosecution warrant)
  • If the spouse, who has fled abroad has a US passport, then the spouse in the US can request the Office of Passport Services to cancel this passport
  • After the passport has been canceled, the spouse, who has fled abroad, is treated as an undocumented alien in a foreign country. Consequently, the foreign government might possibly deport him/her
  • Sometimes, state felony charges can be issued against the spouse, who has moved abroad. Then, the spouse in the US can request the lawyer to extradite this spouse. The US has renegotiated criminal extradition treaties with Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Accordingly, parental abduction is regarded as an international crime wherein extradition is possible

The international divorce lawyers need to keep themselves updated about the changes in the international divorce laws. It is vital for the lawyer to provide correct guidance to their clients. The divorcing person needs to take efforts to get details about international divorce laws and the various factors that affect these cases. The important official and legal documents required during the divorce process must be kept ready by the divorcing person and should be provided in the court on time.

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